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2008 RNC



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updated information & "new video"
I personally used the bit torent feature - "it works!" -joe

"Terrorizing Dissent [the Election Cut], crudely cut together just two months from the RNC '08, will leave you speechless.... I urge anyone who cares about the future of our democracy to begin by watching Terrorizing Dissent"
This is the link to the full length video (trailer on the youtube above)

Ground Noise & Static
PepperSpray wasn't in St. Paul, Minnesota to document the Republicans, or the crimes they have committed. The list is so long and the crimes so bad that even corporate media has been doing that for some time now.

Our reporters were getting another story.

The powers apparently don't want that story out, and were targeting independent reporting to try to keep that story from getting to the people.

Although the arrests and harassment of media is a crime that forms part of the problem, the real story is that regular people are organizing themselves and rising up for solutions.

About the film documentary GROUND NOISE AND STATIC:

In November, one or the other of the corporate candidates will win, and then, as always, it will be what the people do, not the politicians, that counts.

A video report on the protests that occurred in connection with the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, Ground Noise & Static is a manifesto. We went to Denver and St. Paul to take the pulse of the movement. Corporate media would cover the platitudes and posturing of the politicians, we were interested in something else, a story hidden in plain sight, captured in the now-classic street chant, This is what democracy looks like.

Ground Noise & Static is a joint effort of Franklin López of subMedia.TV and PepperSpray Productions. It is the direct result of a wonderful collaboration with many indymedia-style activists and journalists who all pitched in for the common good and success of their various efforts to tell their Unconventional stories.

I posted this here on 10-16-08
It was from an emil I recieved
I highlighted the RNC reference yellow ~joe

On Oct 8, 2008, at 11:40 PM, NIN member Tom Finnell (VT) sent us the photo below?titled ?American Gothic 2008? to remind us why we've been working long and hard to impeach Bush and/or Cheney. Bush's National Security Presidential Directive 51, let's remember, gives him the right to put down any demonstration he (or their other cronies) declare to be an insurrection.?

???????? The Posse Comitatus Act forbids a President from putting the military on America?s streets. Governors usually only call out the National Guard in case of an insurrection.

???????? A Pentagon spokesperson last week claimed the 3,500-member lst Brigade, enroute from three years of combat in Iraq, was going to be used only for life-saving support in disaster areas, yet would be bringing their individual weapons wherever they would be sent. Under pressure by interviewers, he admitted last week on the Amy Goodman show Democracy Now, that at the St. Paul Republican convention, Army troops were indeed used as a backstop for the Secret Service and did bring ?explosive ordnance disposal? with them. Governors discovered they had never been consulted and have petitioned against Bush?s violation of the posse comitatus ?act. Stay tuned.

RNC Security Response: Rubber Bullets and Smoke Bombs
An UpTake Video

Corporate Media Gets Cought in The Abuse Snare
Thousands of protesters gathered in St. Paul, Minn., the site of the Republican National Convention. As tensions mounted between those gather and police, AP Photojournalist Evan Vucci was in the middle of the crowd. (Sept. 2)

(( i ))
posted on indy 10-2--08
During the first week of September 2008, Republican Party delegates gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota for the Republican National Convention (RNC) - the media spectacle and corporate sleaze-fest that completes their nominating process. An army of armor-clad riot police, National Guard, and private security with their humvees, rubber bullets, and tear gas protected them. FBI-assisted sheriff's raids at more than a half-dozen activist homes and organizing centers in Minneapolis-St. Paul sought to hinder opposition.
(this report is also mirrored on -->

twincity indymedia report - click picture

Your Credentials, Please
A panel discussion of the Media and Law Enforcement at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul: What Went Wrong, What Went Right? Sponsored by Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law, the Minnesota Journalism Center and the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota.

Burried Footage
Newly released footage,
which was buried to avoid confiscation,
shows riot cops arresting and abusing
a giant group of people for nothing.



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Eyewitness: Police Brutality at the RNC - Street Medics

"... the pair of Portland Medics came across a man running backwards, wrapping a woman's cut open and bleeding hand while they both yelled for a medic. The medics took over the patient and the man disappeared into the crowd. The 20-second pause to attempt an evaluation of the patient's hand resulted in the police behind gaining ground and having a chance to deploy more chemical weapons. The medics began running again, patient in tow, one medic guiding her while the other finished the wrapping job on her hand. While doing this, the medics came upon a young man limping and yelling for help, 'I can't run! Help!'"
The eyewitness account attested here by R. Westlund, a Portland Street Medic and trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), depicts some of the astounding incidents that occured during the Peace demonstrations at the Minneapolis-St. Paul RNC that defy all sense of reason. It documents violations of social normalcy and degradation of the most basic of community values and principles by any standard or definition: medics brutalized, humiliated, abused and arrested for the crime of providing medical treatment to the injured.

It is not accidental that Amnesty International has issued an alert for "Disproportionate Use of Force Against RNC Protesters" and is calling for impartial investigations by authorities into the ill-treatment of prisoners and other abuses, plus a review of police tactics and weapons that were used against the demonstrations. The Amnesty report also notes that police actions appear to be in breach of United Nations standards on the use of force by law enforcement officials, in addition to U.S. laws:
Use of Force Against RNC Protesters "Disproportionate," Charges Amnesty International

Despite the Empire's sadistic Robocops, despite the War Machine churning in the basement whose roiling turbulence drives the country's economy and dominates the entire planet with genocidal butchery, Street Medics will continue risking their own safety and liberty to help out the ill and injured wherever the Peace and Justice movement takes initiative through community mobilizations and actions toward broad and radical social change. But we need your help.

Here's what we're up against:
Chemical warfare against Flower Girl

Police attacking peaceful crowds, journalists and legal observers; bodies on the ground; never enough Street Medics (video by the Associated Press)

Flash bombs, concussion grenades, smoke bombs, rubber bullets, wooden bullets, bean bag shots, pepper ball bullets and chemical warfare against peaceful people

How to help the Street Medics:
We need to raise funds for legal defence, bail money, and to replace medical supplies and personal items confiscated illegally by the Police - our losses are already in the thousands of dollars. If you can, please give generously here:

If you would like to donate by other means (check, cash, supplies, etc), please get in touch with us at this address
so that we can make arrangements.

Hands-on work
We need volunteers willing and capable to help out with desk work, research, media work, writing and publishing, contacts with people (especially and including handling contacts with legal defence, fundraising, community organizing). Please write to this address

Many, many thanks to all of you for all the love and support we've been receiving!
Portland Street Medics, TT

* * *

Firsthand account by a Portland Street Medic assisting folks at the RNC
by R. Westlund,

Monday, September 1st, 2008. St Paul, MN
Entered Shepard Rd at 4:00pm, these medics taken into custody around 6:00pm.

Two Portland Medics were following the front of an unpermitted march around the Excel Center. The march stayed primarily to the sidewalks and pedestrian trails from its beginning at the capitol to the bike trail along the river and Shepard Rd.

One side of Shepard Rd has train tracks and steep hills or fences leading to the back of buildings connected to the Excel Center. Along this line National Guardsmen were posted every 15 or 20 feet, all armed, some with working dogs at their sides. On the other side of the bike trail is the river, where at least two armed Coast Guard boats followed alongside the march.

The cross street of Jackson had two lines of riot police blocking it. Marchers at the front carrying banners stepped into the street, ready to head up Jackson toward the downtown area. Before they were in the center of the street, police shot canisters at them. After a short pause, the canisters would pop, hiss and release a colored gas. At least four of these were fired as marchers retreated to the sidewalk.

Once on the sidewalk, marchers paused and began to regroup. Having not received a dispersal order for the streets or the bike trail, the assumption was that the bike trail was a safe place to return to. Without pause, the police continued their assault of canisters which let out colored gas and also began deploying concussion grenades into the crowd on the sidewalk.

Medics frequently operate in a prevention role. As such, the two Portland Medics near the front of the crowd stayed in their position on the bike trail when marchers began retreating from the police weapons, calling to the crowd to walk and stay calm. Within a minute, the Medics realized that the sidewalk was also under assault and was no longer a safe place to be. The pair turned and headed back up the bike trail with the other folks.

Believing in the medic creed of never needing to run, the pair initially attempted to keep walking and keep the crowd slow and calm around them. Unfortunately, the pair soon realized the asking this group to slow down was violating the number one medic creed of Do No Harm, because the assault of differently-lethal weapons was coming on faster than the crowd was moving.

As the pair of medics broke into a run, they watched police in riot gear passing them in the streets, running alongside the crowd and continuing to fire tear gas canisters and concussion grenades parallel to the moving crowd. The result of this was folks toward the back of the crowd having to run through fully-formed plumes of tear gas. Any attempt by the crowd to slow down to allow the tear gas to dissipate was met with pepper spray from the officers running up the bike trail behind the crowd.

During the evacuation the pair of Portland Medics came across a man running backwards, wrapping a woman's cut open and bleeding hand while they both yelled for a medic. The medics took over the patient and the man disappeared into the crowd. The 20-second pause to attempt an evaluation of the patient's hand resulted in the police behind gaining ground and having a chance to deploy more chemical weapons. The medics began running again, patient in tow, one medic guiding her while the other finished the wrapping job on her hand.

While doing this, the medics came upon a young man limping and yelling for help, "I can't run! Help! I can't run any faster!" under the Roberts St overpass. One medic left the woman and spoke with the man while still moving. He stated he had been hit in the ankle by a gas canister, and on request pulled his pants up to show his ankle. His skin, pant leg and shoe had green paint on them and his ankle appeared purple underneath. His friends, too scared to stay and help, turned him over to the care of the medics and ran with the crowd. The medics each pulled one of his arms over their shoulders and started forward again, with one medic still holding the uninjured arm of the female patient, giving her aftercare instructions to the tune of, "when we can stop running, come back and let me look at that!"

While evacuating these two patients the medics realized they needed a chance to decontaminate. Chemical weapons were still being deployed to the side and in front of, and behind the folks at the end of the running mass. The medics pulled off their goggles, nitrile gloves, and handkerchiefs to change to new ones while still running with these patients.

Realizing that there was no safe zone to any side, including forward, where more chemical weapons were being deployed, the medics began to think about other options for the patients who couldn't keep up with the fleeing crowd. One of the medics, having previously acted as a police negotiator with success on behalf of patients, was thinking about turning around and negotiating with police to let the two medics and two patients stop and get out of the chemical weapons zone. When that medic, wearing no protective gear and still moving forward, turned to gauge the amount of time to prepare for police negotiations, an officer less than 8 feet away sprayed from the pepper spray canister he was already aiming and covered half of the medic's face.

The medic turned away from the spray and ran into a pillar of the Wabasha St overpass. The pair of medics saw a team of three medics, two of them from Portland Medics, also under the overpass, where they had paused to treat patients. The severely pepper sprayed medic was now a blind patient. One of the Portland Medics from the trio came over to help the buddy evacuate the blind medic, leaving the others to work as a pair.

One medic kept offering to flush the eyes of the now-blind medic, but with police continuing to advance there was no opportunity to stop. Chemical weapons continued to be fired at the crowd from several sides.

The blinded medic was aware of the movements and sounds of the crowd. At one point, the crowd stopped moving forward and began moving side to side in panic. One of the medics assisting the blinded medic later explained that the police had moved across in front of a portion of the crowd, blocking their escape on three sides with riot police firing chemical weapons and on the fourth side with Coast Guard boats armed with machine guns.

For no reason known to the medics, the police moved their front line and again forced the crowd to run forward with chemical weapons being deployed behind and to the side of them. The three medics were able to flee fast enough to increase their distance from the police. Entering the park, the medics attempted to stop and flush the eyes of the blinded medic, feeling safer there than on the sidewalk and believing the police would not continue pushing the crowd in the park. Before being able to flush the medic's eyes, the police were noted to be approaching, still holding chemical weapons. The medics picked up their flushing supplies and moved further into the park. Finding another spot further from the police, the medics were able to flush the eyes of the injured medic. Within moments of finishing that task, the patient with the injured hand was located in the park.

The three Portland Medics did an evaluation of this patient's hand at this point and realized the seriousness of the injury. When making plans to transport this patient to the wellness center for further evaluation, the medics realized that the park was surrounded by bike, horse and riot police. The medic who acts as police negotiator and a buddy walked toward the bike police, holding out a badge and repeated, "I am an EMT. I need to speak to someone. Who can talk to me?" Several bike officers frowned and shook their heads, waving the medics away. The medics continued up the line, being motioned to come no closer than about 30 feet, repeating, "I am an EMT. I have a patient with a serious injury. I need to have her taken to a clinic." The police repeatedly waved the medics back into the crowd with threatening motions.

The medics returned to the patient and explained that they were unable at that point to have her removed from the scene, but that, with legal observers for support, they were going to try again. Before that could happen, the police began making announcements, stating that everyone was under arrest and was to sit down with their hands on their heads.

While waiting to be arrested, the medics sat with the patient and continued giving her care advice, such as keeping the hand elevated and asking to be handcuffed in the front instead of behind, as well as advising her to advocate for herself by stating that she had been seen by two EMT's and that she needs further medical care.

The five medics described herein were all sitting together waiting to be arrested and continued their medic work of spreading calm and educating folks about how to take care of themselves. The medics passed out food to those who were hungry and advised that folks stop drinking water if they thought they might have to urinate in the next few hours. The medics talked about what it might be like in jail, how long folks could expect to be in, made sure that everyone had the legal support phone number committed to memory with a silly mnemonic, and told everyone around how much they were loved and how important they are as people.

When arrested, the police moved in in groups of 8-10 and would ask a person from the front of the crowd to stand up. The person would be handcuffed and walked by a pair of officers across the park to wait in a line for a photo and to be searched before being loaded on the bus. When the police got to the section where the Portland Medics were sitting, they took folks out one by one in no particular order. All the medics were removed before the patient, and they lost track of her at that point until all were released from jail several days later.

Several of the medics were questioned while standing in line with their arresting officers. Some of the questions were, "When did you arrive in the city? Did you come here for the RNC?" and "Who came with you to the city?" One medic was asked, "Were you in the tear gas? Did it work?" All the medics were questioned extensively about their medic kits, including such questions as "Why would you carry this?" and "Are you sure there aren't weapons hidden in here?"

One of the medics from the original pair reported to the arresting officers that the medic has chronic joint problems and requested to be handcuffed in the front. The officer refused but stated there would be a chance in "a bit" to ask a superior officer. During the 50-minute wait in line, that medic repeatedly identified themself as an EMT and repeatedly informed the officer that the handcuffs were causing pain. The medic twice requested medical attention. When the medic had a chance to have the handcuffs moved to the front, the supervising officer who made the move cinched one cuff down into the skin, causing instant numbness in the thumb and pinky. The medic pointed this out to the arresting officer, who shrugged and said, "He's the supervisor."

After another 15 minutes in line, being searched and having a photo taken, the medic was moved onto a bus where one of the other medics was already seated. In tears, the medic informed the other, "I can't feel my left hand." The second medic looked at the hand, then requested to the officer on the bus to loosen the cuff. The officer looked at it and took out the tool used to cut plasticuffs off, but had trouble fitting the tool in between the skin and the cuff. After several adjustments the tool was pressed into the skin to be slipped under the cuff.

The red lines in the skin where the cuff had been remained for over 12 hours. As of this writing, exactly 72 hours after having the cuffs removed, the medic still does not have feeling to the outside of the thumb and the outside of the pinkie on the left hand.

While that medic was in line having paperwork filled out, a supervising officer came around checking on the process. The arresting officer pointed to a check box next to a felony charge of rioting, and asked, "Are we doing this one?" The supervisor looked at the box, shrugged, looked at the officer and replied, "Nah, not anymore."

The first medic onto the bus, the other of the original pair, was originally held on a felony. After being held for 40 hours without charges, the medic was finally charged with a Gross Misdemeanor in the 3rd degree of rioting. At the arraignment, the medic was accused by the prosecutor of throwing various objects at the police. The prosecutor then asked for the maximum bail considering the "nature of the charges and the out of state residency." The judge set the bail at the maximum of $2,000. Bail was posted during the 47th hour and the medic was released during the 50th hour.

The four Portland Medics face the following charges-

One is charged with a Gross Misdemeanor in the 3rd degree of rioting. This carries a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The other three are charged with a Misdemeanor in the 1st degree of "Presence at an unlawful assembly and refusing to leave." This carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

R. Westlund


homepage: homepage:

Freedom of the Press: 60,000 Letters Delivered

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I copied the coplete front page on 9-3-08  from Twin Cities Indy Media Here:
also see near bottom of this page for another "copy/paste" from the twin cities indy media
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SubMedia is There - Watch Their Videos Here

"Check Back Often"

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Portland Indymedia Webradio Coverage Of RNC Is Back On The Air! TUNE IN NOW! author: Victory! Continuing coverage Day 3 of RNC protests Studio # 503 715 0994 AIM portlandimcradio

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Action Update:

Journalists Arrested

On Friday, we delivered your letter to St. Paul authorities, telling them that we won't stand for the intimidation and harassment of journalists.

With many of the arrested journalists at our side we delivered more than 60,000 letters (collected in less than 48 hours) demanding that St. Paul authorities drop charges against all journalists arrested during last week’s Republican National Convention.

The charges have not been dropped yet, but we are going to keep the pressure on until they are. If you have not already, please send this email to your friends and ask them to help join our call.

In the meantime, here are videos of the event filmed by the citizen journalists at



"From the pre-convention raids to the ongoing harassment and arrests of journalists, these have been dark days for press freedom in the United States," said Nancy Doyle Brown of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, before she helped to deliver the Free Press letters.

"Tragically, there are stories that the world needed to hear this week that will never be told," Brown said. "They won't be told because reporters working on them were sitting in the back of squad cars, were stripped of their cameras, or were face down on the pavement with their hands cuffed behind their backs."

Many journalists still face charges. Free Press will not rest until these charges are dropped. You can help by sending more letters to St. Paul:

Tell a Friend to Take Action

Friday's rally sent a powerful message in support of journalists and free speech and against press intimidation. You played a vital role in making this happen.

Thank you,

Josh Silver
Executive Director
Free Press

P.S. A generous Free Press supporter has offered a $300,000 matching grant. Help us meet this ambitious goal! Your gift today will help Free Press continue to do our work.


Take action on this important campaign at:

Tell your friends about this campaign at:

RNC Demonstration - Veterans for Peace

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Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

Wendy Binion, who works with Portland Indymedia, was snatched from Mears Park in St. Paul during the rally prior to the March for Our Lives on September 2nd, 2008. She was surrounded by riot cops in the street and was taken away to a special facility for processing. Her detainment is part of a definite pattern by authorities during the RNC to disrupt and intimidate independent media journalists who were covering the demonstrators' perspective from the streets of St. Paul.

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

Also see:

and then the...

March Ends in Tear Gas at RNC! gnooze 9-2-08
"Peaceful protest - police start gassing!"
A protest led by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign leads to police tear gas and concussion grenades at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, MN. Marta Costello is caught in the melee as she brings you the gnooze (the g is silent).

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Protestors Tear Gassed! Raw footage - gnooze tear ...

Following the protesters
(who push a dumpster down the street)

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Police Detain Journalists

Green Spinning Ball Enclosed with Webbing

Arrested PORTLAND Street Medic Speaks - Press Release

Street Medics Victimized by Police Brutality and Unjustified Arrests at RNC
R. Westlund - the author of this Press Release - is one of the Portland Street Medics who were arrested in Minneapolis-St. Paul this week during the Republican National Convention; is also a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and eyewitness to some of the abuses and atrocities.

This Press Release includes the names of some of the arrested Street Medics and describes some of the details of the incidents from the battle zones, including Police attitudes and behavior plus the level of violence and injuries sustained by peaceful demonstrators at the DNC who were engaged in activities entirely protected by the US Constitution.

How to help:
We need to raise funds for legal defence - our losses are already in the thousands of dollars. If you can, please give generously here:

If you would like to donate by other means (check, cash, supplies, etc), please get in touch with us at this address
so that we can make arrangements.

Many, many thanks to all of you for all the love and support we've been receiving!
Portland Street Medics

* * *

Press Release
by R. Westlund

Portland Street Medics Victims of Police Brutality and Unjustified Arrests at RNC

Four members of the Portland Street Medic Collective who had travelled to the RNC to provide medical care to the radical community were arrested on 9-1-2008. All are now released pending court dates in October.

Before the arrest, the medics were following an unpermitted march around the outskirts of the boundaries of the Excel Center. The march stayed mostly to sidewalks and utilized several pedestrian trails.

After heading nearly a mile down a bike trail with a river on one side and an unpassable bank on the other side of the road, protesters found themselves under fire from police chemical weapons, having never received an order to disperse. The protestors and the medics fled back up the bike path while the onslaught of chemical weapons and differently-lethal weapons continued behind and next to the fleeing crowd. Police in riot gear ran past the tail end of the running group, continuing to launch weapons into the crowd, forcing those at the back to run through the already dispensed weapons.

The four medics helped with the evacuation of at least five patients, including one with a broken hand from being hit with police weaponry, one with an injured ankle from being hit with police weaponry who needed physical support to walk, and one who was blinded by pepper spray. This assistance left the medics at the very back of the crowd and among the worst victims of chemical weapons as they fled the scene.

At the corner of Ontario and Shepard the crowd was trapped in a park by lines of riot police and all people in the park, including those holding tickets to a concert and attempting to utilize the pedestrian bridges to get to the concert, were arrested. Those with misdemeanors were released later that night, while those being held on felonies were in jail for 48 hours.

Three of the Portland Medics, David Drew, Jr, Tracy Maier, and R. Westlund are charged with Misdemeanors in the 1st degree of "presence at an unlawful assembly and refusing to leave." They face 90 days in jail and fines up to $1,000. The fourth, A. Oliver Hayes, is charged with a Gross Misdemeanor in the 3rd degree of rioting, and faces one year in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Later in the week, a group of six medics, three of them from Portland, were again the targets of police misconduct. A group of 350 people were being detained and preparing to be arrested on a bridge. The group included some legal observers from the NLG and 12 Street Medics. Medic Dispatch received news that the legal observers in the group had been released prior to the arrest, so the six medics headed out to see if they could negotiate with the police for the release of the medics.

Upon arrival at the scene one of the Portland Medics spoke with an officer and received a phone number for "Watch Command" to begin negotiations. On the first phone call, the medic explained the job of the medics and explained that they were asking for the release of the medics detained on the bridge. The medic gave WC their full legal name and offered to provide proof of credentials as an EMT. WC offered to give the request to the commander at the scene and then call the medics back.

After a reasonable amount of time, the medic called WC back to check on the status. WC questioned the location of the medics, and the medic confirmed that they were at the scene of the arrest before ending the phone call to wait for further news.

The medic attempted to speak with two officers on scene, but neither would produce a supervisor to do the negotiations. Moments after the second attempt, while the Medic Liaison was making another call to WC, one of the Portland Medics was pulled out of the crowd of observers and drug into the street by four police officers. The medic's pockets were searched while the medic stated, "I do not consent to this search." While still searching this medic, the commanding officer led four more officers into the crowd and pulled out the Medic Liaison, who had been on the phone moments before. The first medic was released back into the crowd after their pockets were searched.

The second medic was questioned as to why they were carrying a backpack and hip pack. The medic explained their status as an EMT and allowed officers to take their registration card as proof. Officers explained, "You reached your hands in your pockets, and that makes us nervous, so now we have to check what you're up to." The medic repeatedly denied consent for the search but officers began opening the medic kits regardless. An officer asked, "Where did you get all this stuff? Did you steal it off the ambulance?" The medic responded, "I'm not going to answer any more of your questions until I speak to my lawyer." The officer replied, "In that case, you can pick your own shit up off the ground," and began opening ziplock bags and dumping medical supplies on the ground.

During the search, officers repeatedly made threats about possible criminal charges against the medic, including "medical terrorism." Officers dumped the entire contents of both medical kits on the ground, purposefully stepped on the equipment, read all the aftercare flyers and made threats about "testing the pepper spray" on this medic, and searched the medic's body and clothing three separate times in an extremely rough and inappropriate manner. After running the medic's ID through the system, the officers ordered to medic to clean up all the supplies, and accused the medic of littering when a small packet of vitamins was overlooked on the ground. Once the supplies were repacked, the medic was free to go.

These police actions were not based on any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. The police were targeting the medics who were attempting to liaise with commanding officers and harassing them in order to reduce their power and prevent further negotiating tactics.

R. Westlund
Friday, September 5, 2008

homepage: homepage:

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 22:18

    WCCO reports one of their photojournalists has also been arrested. will all these arrests wake up the corporate media? it never hurts to dream...

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:58

    wabasha street bridge appears to be clear.

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:51

    theuptake reports that a Kare11 reporter was arrested and a fox news crew gassed.

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:47

    unconfirmed report: people trapped on wabasha river bridge

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:33

    leadership of the antiwar committee was targeted and arrested at march tonight ** flashbang grendaes at marion ave right now

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:22

    codepink has just disrupted the proceedings inside the xcel energy center!

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:04

    democracy now! producers arrested earlier this week are on marion bridge where mass arrest appears likely. other journalists too. repression of journalists is totally unprecedented in recent regional history.

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 20:58

    3 empty police busses heading towards detainments on marion 94 bridge - mass arrest appears likely.

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 20:50

    jail vigil will need more and more bodies now and throughout the weekend - help support released and unreleased arrestees!! stand up! email if questions.

  • Thu, 09/04/2008 - 20:43

    for future documentation: coldsnap legal collective has been receiving repeated threatening and harassing phone calls.

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    FOX NEWS gets some GASS

    The second day of the RNC presented more of the same repressive tactics and mass arrests by the police and national guard. Arrests included at least 5 medics on Monday, freelance journalists, and peaceful protesters outside the Republican Convention Center.

    According to the ColdSnap Legal Collective, there are reports of abuse of people in jail, including many civilians caught in mass arrests. At least 15 people are on hunger strike since this morning to protest their incarceration. Over a hundred people were charged with felonies on Monday. Most of these folks were charged with Felony Conspiracy to Riot. ColdSnap has gotten many reports that people are not getting proper medical attention, are being refused their medication, and/or have been separated from the rest of the group.

    A heavily guarded Poor People's March through St. Paul ended with an organizer placing an order for a citizens arrest for George Bush for crimes against humanity under the barricades surrounding the Xcel Center. Following the march, a massive riot police presence at the end of the march attacked those who did not disperse fast enough with tear gas, pepper spray, and concussion grenades.VIDEO: 1 | 2

    On the evening of September 2, police chose to prohibit Rage Against the Machine from following several other bands at an existing concert, going backstage and shutting off power. This sent an infuriated crowd of 2,000+ marching on the RNC.

    Despite the crackdown, civil disobedience to disrupt the RNC from anarchist affinity groups has continued.

    The Right To Be Here

    Repost from TCIMC
    Reposted from the Twin Cities IMC, one of the most moving first hand accounts of the RNC protests that I have read. 

    I'm not an anarchist. At least I wasn't one of the kids running around the Xcel Energy Center in black handkerchiefs during the St Paul RNC. Nor did I store my urine in a bucket for a week to throw on delegates, and I didn't break any windows either. But, I was one of the people detained by police on Monday. One of my co-workers even saw me on the Channel 11 news, zip-tied like a hog, being led away walking backwards by two riot police. I'm assuming that he knew me well enough to reason I wasn't there with violent intent, but asked nonetheless why I went to downtown St Paul that day. I thought about it for a second, but couldn't give a good answer to why I'm now in an FBI database. "I wanted to take pictures" and "I wanted to see it for myself" was what I managed. Then he asked why I was arrested. I had a much clearer answer for that. 
    After sitting at the entrance gate (which is where I got to see Sean Hannity get yelled at from 5 feet away) and seeing all there was to see, I ventured down to the river walk looking for a route to Harriet Island where a concert was going on. I took that route because it seemed every other way was closed, and the police were directing people down that way. After doddling for a while taking pictures of the coast guard boats with dual M249 mounted machine guns, I continued on until just about by the Wabasha bridge our large group of meandering sight-seers and concert goes were confronted by a huge line of fully geared-up riot police. I'm not trying to say a criminal element was for sure not present in the crowd, but at that spot, at that time there didn't seem to be anything even remotely violent going on. People calmly walked up to the line of officers and asked what was going on, or how they could get around. They were met with unhelpful answers or simple outstretched arms signaling to stand away. I saw it as a photo opportunity. After a few minutes people started to pool by the police line. This seemed to happen naturally as this was one of the only thoroughfares to get around the Excel Energy Center. People were starting to get frustrated and demanding to know what was going on. This is when the full police line started advancing on us, including horse mounted police and officers with non-lethal weapons drawn. I would like to make it clear that at this point there were no directions from officers given to the crowd. There was just a very large slowly moving line coming towards us. At this people stated yelling again, demanding to know what was going on. The line pushed us back maybe a hundred or so yards and stopped, still no directions were given by officers. No order to disperse. So rather dumbfoundly a few hundred people stood around either confused, or yelling questions at police. It then came to the attention of the people standing by me (east closest to Wabasha Bridge) that another line had formed behind us to the west, maybe one hundred yards back. We were literally enclosed by hundreds of riot officers in lines to the east and west, and by the river to the south (don't forget the coast guards) and a few officers filling in the railroad tracks to the north. We were like mooing cattle being corralled. People asked if they could leave only to be told to get back. One of anarchists in the signature black handkerchief started dancing in the street in front of the cops, peacefully I might add. Another photo opportunity. Then things began to feel really bad. Guns were still drawn and still no orders given. I called my girlfriend to let her know what was going on, and that I was scared I may not be going home tonight. While still on the phone with her, an Officer began to yell, "Get down on the ground and put your hands on your head! You're all under arrest for felony conspiracy to commit riot!" My girlfriend heard this over the phone and I can only imagine her response. I promised I'd do what I was told and that I loved her. Then I quickly hung up and put my hands over my head. I won't go into detail, but most, if not everyone I could see from the ground was peacefully complying. I didn't hear any yelling, gunshots or pepper sprayed screaming. Maybe it was because the world seemed to be closing into a very small area immediately surrounding me. I don't know how to describe the feeling that day other than it sucked something very fierce. I don't care who you are, or how much guts you think you have, hundreds of riot cops ready for whatever comes are scary as anything I've ever seen. My arms went numb holding them over my head. Eventually an officer made it over to me. "Are you going to co-operate?" I was asked. I thought, do I have any other choice? I nodded and said yes. I was patted down, zip-tied and told to stand. I was only asked what I had in my pockets. I guess they trusted me enough, and didn't even bother taking out the camera or phone out to make sure they weren't a grenade or something. Being led away walking backwards, zip-tied, facing a felony was the second scariest thing in my life. "Why couldn't I leave? Why couldn't I leave?" I asked to no response. I was feeling humiliated, and worked out other questions. "God, don't you love America." Asking such questions while facing felony charges for simply walking down the street makes you feel a little better. I know this now. Don't ask me why, I can't answer. 
    I was led over to the curb where others were sitting awaiting processing. The police where actually nice after the initial tension was gone. Me and another detainee joked with the officers holding us. One even loosed my watch for me after it began digging into my cuff. This continued for a while they went down the line taking names, addresses, phone numbers and drivers licenses. By now I was thinking this was really messed up. They had all this information from us, but still had not yet once went through my pockets to verify I didn't have a weapon. When they processed everyone in my small group we were told to stand so we could be cut free and released. We were told this was our lucky day, no charges. At first I felt so relieved that I wasn't charged or held longer, that I almost forgot that I was now in an FBI protester database for sure. As we walked away we were told that if we were caught anywhere downtown in the next week that we would be arrested. As I walked down the railroad tracks, and had a chance to reflect, it was immediately clear to me that the only thing they wanted from most of us was our names and information. I went though the entire ordeal with nothing more actually searched on me than my wallet, and we were never once told to disperse or face arrest. 
    So I thought about the original question my co-worker asked, "Why did you go down there?" and when the next coworker asked I had a much better answer. Thinking about the huge lines of police and being humiliated on TV, I answered, "Because I had a right to be there." They looked at me like I was an idiot for getting involved. I don't know how to explain that either, but I believe it in my core. I didn't go to protest, or for any other reason but for the right to be there. And the fact that nobody seemed to "get it" made it all the more important. After thinking about it more, that's the scariest thing to me now: You're government can arrest you for walking down the street, and nobody seems to care.

    please daddy answer my question04.Sep.2008 01:32

    if i keep asking he'll stop hitting me

    > a few hundred people stood around either confused, or yelling questions at police 

    Gee, sorry I missed it.

    And now you know ...04.Sep.2008 01:35

    Tracy Mapes

    ...if you knew the true depth of the interconnectivity and imposed silence of the corruption that surrounds us? You'd either want to lay down and die, or start a war. 

    Living in a World that mirrored the conflicts of the IRA in Ireland really doesn't seem very appealing? But when you examine the criminal enterprise that has infected our entire Nation? It would certainly seem like the more appropriate reaction when trying to absorb the morality of their undertaking, and what is truly right or wrong, fair and just. 

    There are about 2 to 3 million people involved in the hush of this MOB sanctioned abuse of our country. Many of them drawn directly from a life of criminal activity so the silence of their past buys their cooperation. It involves absolutely every major security entity in the United States, in cooperation with DOJ, FBI, CIA, DEA, Homeland Security, and even your local Sheriff. Further, they have invaded the pulpits of American Churches, to feel that they are somehow the part of a much bigger Godly undertaking, in the reporting and manipulation of subjects who display any signs of free will, or thought processes that challenge their conventions. 

    They are working the exact same model as the SS of pre-World War 2 Germany, in the instillment of fear and suspicion of your neighbor. They control those perceived as subversive to their cause through the destruction of reputation, employment opportunity, standing or acceptance in the community. They are the scourge that violates every convention of the Godly or Religious virtues they espouse. They have ruined everything Great about Our Nation except for the Beauty of those who would have the courage to speak against their horrors. 

    This is the World in which we live. A World you don't see if you walk through it without question. 

    Our true strength in everything that makes us human is to never quit asking.

    "never quit asking"04.Sep.2008 02:07

    over and over and

    actually, after you figure out the truth ... 

    and after you figure out daddy is not going to TELL you the truth ... 

    not going to admit he lied ... 

    not going to say he's sorry, ever ... 

    then really you can quit asking and move on to step 2, whatever that is 

    a lot of people seem to get stuck at step 1

    I care.04.Sep.2008 15:31

    You're not alone

    You did have the right to be there, of course, and it's people like you who will save our democracy. Thank you for posting. It seems like there's nobody there at your back, but there is. The spirits of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, and all those revolutionaries who put themselves on the line to stand up for human rights have your back. I swear they're out there, and you can count yourself among them. 

    "These are the times that try men's souls." -- Tom Paine 

    "There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall - think of it, always." -- Gandhi

    Update - Portland Street Medics Arrested at the RNC

    Update from the streets, first aid stations and clinics at the protests
    Update - Portland Street Medics Arrested at the RNC

    Weds, Sep. 3rd, 2008

    In between explosions of concussion grenades and teargas clouds in Minneapolis-St. Paul, volunteer Street Medics from all over the country who have assembled there are continuing to provide much needed first aid and medical care to injured and frightened people everywhere in the city where lawful and peaceful assemblies, passersby, journalists and bystanders are getting attacked indiscriminately and without provocation by Police, National Guard and teams of unidentified Federal Agencies without badges or numbers.

    Two raw, unedited video items that were just published provide an excellent documentation of the level of unprovoked and indiscriminate violence targeted against peaceful non-violent assemblies, against Street Medics, against legal observers and journalists:

    o- Rubber bullets fired directly into a small crowd of peaceful people; Street Medics attacked:

    o- Independent journalist caught in the middle of panic and mayhem during an attack with concussion grenades and teargas against a peaceful march:

    Starting at dawn on Tuesday, Portland Street Medics who were arrested while treating injured people at the RNC were being released one by one by the illegitimate authorities who had seized them. One of our colleagues is still in jail and has not yet been charged with anything. All of the arrests of Portland Street Medics are entirely illegal.

    We have confirmed information that additional unidentified Street Medics have been seen in jail by other people, but no details about who they are or why they are being held.

    The Portland Street Medics who were released are well, except for tiredness. We are not able to communicate with the one of our members who is still in jail to ascertain wellness - our colleague is being held in a situation where legal observers have repeatedly confirmed that people are being denied access to medical care and targeted with selective abuse. {Please see the statement from our lawyers below, titled "Over 300 Protesters, Bystanders, Medics and Media Arrested: Update from Coldsnap Legal Collective".}

    All of the arrested Street Medics' personal items, money, medical supplies and tools were confiscated and are still not being released by Police despite repeated requests, even though the items in question are not relevant to any legal proceedings (they are not being held as evidence, nor are they proscribed materials). Seizure of these materials is an illegal tactic to prevent our members from providing first aid and medical care to the people who are now in the streets and parks in Minneapolis-St. Paul. This is in direct violation of the US Constitution which in the Fourth Amendment provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. {Please see the Constitutional reference from the Cornell Law School below.}

    We are still in need of funds for bail, and for replacing lost medical supplies and tools for our volunteers. If you are able to give, please consider donating through this page (every little bit counts!):
    or, please write to us about making alternative donation arrangements here:

    Some details
    The Portland Street Medics who were arrested include a long-time Queer liberation and radical performance artist; two trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), one of whom is also a Wilderness First Responder; and a Nurse Practitioner in training, who is also an Herbalist with more than fifteen years clinical experience.

    It's plainly obvious to everyone that our members, sworn to the primary directive of all healthcare workers to "First, Do No Harm", should have never been arrested and must be allowed and supported to return to their duties immediately without any interference whatsoever.

    Contacting the authorities
    ...has proven to be very difficult. As one of our supporters reports here,
    phonecalls to the Ramsey County Jail, the Sheriff, and Mayor Coleman, are being redirected through a maze of sometimes incompetent, sometimes purposefully dysfunctional routes and individuals who are making the process of leaving messages and official complaints nearly impossible.

    Still, we are asking people to please call these (new) numbers and to politely ask that:
    o- all Street Medics be released immediately and allowed to resume duties;
    o- all people who were arrested and are not being charged, to be released immediately;
    o- all personal items and medical supplies and tools that were confiscated from Street Medics to be returned immediately so that our teams can provide much needed care for injured and ill people in the streets and first aid stations all over Minneapolis-St. Paul.

    Please call these numbers:
    St. Paul Police chief:

    Help line:

    Please send letters to:
    St. Paul Police Department
    Chief John Harrington
    367 Grove Street
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

    Ramsey County Jail
    Sheriff Bob Fletcher
    425 Grove Street
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

    Please keep distributing and re-publishing our updates

    We really are grateful for all of your letters and phonecalls of support. Without your love and care, none of our work would have been possible.

    Portland Street Medics

    Resources and Related Materials

    "Over 300 Protesters, Bystanders, Medics and Media Arrested: Update from Coldsnap Legal Collective"
     link to

    " US Constitution - Amendment IV:
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

    Our previous Communique:


    homepage: homepage:


    Videographers arrested

    author: reeposting from:

     Reclaim the Media listserve

    Randy Rowland, from PepperSpray Productions, here.

    Instead of sending you an announcement about a screening, this email is unusual for us, it is a call for help.


    Two PepperSpray collective members, Lambert Rochfort and Joe LaSac, on assignment in St Paul covering the protests associated with the Republican National Convention, were both arrested on Sunday while covering the story. Both are still being held without charges or an opportunity to go before a judge.

    Lambert was swept up in a mass arrest of peaceful citizens who were surrounded by cops and all arrested. Joe was arrested about the same time as Amy Goodman and two other journalists from "Democracy Now!" were arrested. In fact if you watch the footage of Amy Goodman standing in handcuffs, the fellow sitting on the ground at her feet is Joe.

    Lambert and Joe had covered the DNC in Denver, and were in St Paul to cover the protests. They both had their cameras with them when arrested and were clearly doing nothing illegal, just trying to get the story that corporate media tends to overlook. There have been several other attacks on journalists there, including a raid on an indymedia hospitality center, and a raid on the house of a group that documents police brutality. It goes without saying that there is no freedom of the press if reporters are jailed for covering the story.

    We want our people released without charges, and we want our equipment back. If you value indymedia and the role of independent journalists--and I know you do, or you wouldn't be on our announcement list--then please take some or all of the following actions to secure the timely release of these PepperSpray videographers.

    If you are in the St Paul area or can ask those you know who are in that area, please join the 24 hour vigil at the Ramsey County Jail, 425 Grove St., St Paul (24 hour vigil)

    Please call some or all of the following numbers, demanding that our reporters be freed:

    Chris Coleman, St. Paul Mayor: 651.266.8510
    or Chris Rider from Mayor Coleman's office at 651-266-8535
    Ramsey County Jail at 651-266-9350 (press extension 0)
    Ramsey County Sheriff: 651.487.5149

    Here are the names and numbers of St Paul City Council people to call as well:
    Melvin Carter - Ward 1 - 651- 266-8610
    Dan Thune - Ward 2 - 651-266-8620
    Pat Harris - Ward 3 - 651-266-8630
    Russ Stark - Ward 4 - 651-26-8640
    Lee Helgen - Ward 5 - 651-266-8520
    Dan Bostrom - Ward 6 - 651-266-8660
    Cathy Lantree - Ward 7 - 651-266-8670

    PepperSpray Productions is an all-volunteer independent media collective based in Seattle, WA. Among other things, we produce a weekly access TV show called "Indymedia Presents" which airs on 20 channels, from Seattle to New York, including in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

    For more info about our work, we invite you to visit our website:


    Randy Rowland
    PepperSpray Productions

    contribute to this article


    ...from St. Paul

    03.Sep.2008 15:01

    Granny M.



    YES! Call these folks. The police violence, arrest of medics. legal observers, journalists and just random people is pure evil. The concussion grenades, tear gas, etc = solid excessive.
    There is military presence that may not be National Guard (150 of them at last count)

    On the up side, many locals have never come face to face with the police state - and they are Seriously Pissed.

    And the lawsuits should be great fun.

    We are sending you this message because the situation in St. Paul is very grave and we're concerned that the real story is not being told by the mainstream media. 

    Over the past few days, the heavily armed and extremely large police presence in St. Paul has intimidated, harrassed and provoked people; and, in a number of instances, the police have escalated situations when they used excessive force. They have used pepper spray, including spraying at least one person just inches from her face as she was held down on the ground by several police officers. They have freely swung their extra long night sticks, pushed people around, rode horses and bicycles up against peacefully gathered groups, and surrounded people simply walking down the streets. On Tuesday evening, they used tear gas on a small group of protesters in downtown St. Paul.

    The massive police presence and the uncalled-for actions by the police on the streets has not been the only problem. The police raided a convergence center and several locations where people are staying over the weekend and they have stopped and searched vehicles for no clear reason. For background on the activities of the police in St. Paul, check out Marjorie Cohn's article here.

    On Tuesday afternoon, they literally pulled the plug and turned off the electricity at a permitted outdoor concert. The timing of this led to a situation where hundreds of understandably angry people ended up joining a march being led by the Poor Peoples Campaign for Economic Human Rights, a march that organizers were insisting be nonviolent. In other words, the police set up a dynamic that could have turned ugly, but the skill of the organizers kept things calm and focused.

    All of this - and much more - needs to be understood in the context of the overwhelming presence of police. Police from all around the Twin Cities have been put to work, and they have also brought in police units from around Minnesota and from as far away as Philadelphia, PA. The National Guard and state troopers are in the mix, to say nothing of the Secret Service, Homeland Security and who knows who else from the federal government!

    We are very concerned about what this all means about the right to protest, the right to assemble, and the right to have one's dissenting voice heard. We are worried about what it means about the growing militarization of our nation and the ongoing assault on the Constitution. We shudder to think about how the influx of new weapons and armed vehicles and everything else will be used in the neighborhoods of St. Paul and Denver: both communities each received $50 million from Homeland Security to purchase the equipment and pay for the policing during the conventions. 

    There are still two more days of the Republican Convention in St. Paul -- two more days of protest and possibilities of police mis-conduct, over-reaction, and excessive use of force.

    We urge you to call the Mayor of St. Paul right now! Let him know that people around the country know what's happening! Urge him to stand up for the Constitution and to take action to end the militarization of the downtown areas of his city! Urge him to reign in the police and help bring civility to the streets of St. Paul!

    Mayor Chris Coleman: 651-266-8510

    And call your local media outlets to demand that they tell the real story of what's happening in St. Paul this week.


    Leslie Cagan, UFPJ National Coordinator

    Help us continue to do this critical work: Make a donation to UFPJ today.

    PO Box 607; Times Square Station; New York, NY 10108

    To subscribe, visit

    Green Spinning Ball Enclosed with Webbing



    note: IMCer arrested was W. from Portland Indymedia
    note: IMCer arrested was W. from Portland Indymedia

    ? 02.Sep.2008 20:47


    Can you share anything else? (Without compromising the person's security.)

    What we know 02.Sep.2008 21:21


    She was on the sidewalk and was suddenly surrounded by cops. Her last known condition was smiling like a champ.

    Portland IMC journalist is out of jail, 02.Sep.2008 23:52


    it's confirmed! Being charged with same as Amy Goodman, "felony, rioting"


    Horizontal Divider 7

    - SEPT 5  2008
    - Portland Indy Media
    - evening updates

    6:29PM: PDX IMC: Multiple accounts of torture in Ramsey County Jail. Here's 1 account:
    2:37PM: Tin Can Announce: press conference 4pm STP city hall re: police abuse and misconduct
    11:17AM: TC IMC: HLS Demo today, meet @ small park on corner of 25th and Franklin, next 2 place called Northern Clay Center. Meeting time is 4:30 PM.
    11:11AM: Coldsnap Cabaret Fundraiser TONIGHT for legal funds! 8pm, Converg. Space, 627 Smith Ave, St Paul. Sliding scale and family-friendly!
    11:10AM: TC IMC: Confirmed report of vigilante cops around the convergnce center. masked up in two black suvs harasing people.
    11:08AM: TC IMC: Dacota People Calling for supporters and media at camp coldwater at 2pm today. Need media there as well
    11:07AM: Cold Snap Legal: Judge has summarily dismissed motion to release seized property. Try 651-266-5637 for info from cops -other possible actions TBA.
    11:05AM: MN Indy: Free Press and local press-freedom advocates to deliver 6Ok letters demanding release of detained journos, 10 a.m. St. Paul City Hall
    11:04AM: MN INDY: Star Trib says 818 people were arrested over the 4 days of the RNC, including 396 last night

    breaking news - September 5



    Tin Can Announce: press conference 4pm STP city hall re: police abuse and misconduct



    TC IMC: HLS Demo today, meet @ small park on corner of 25th and Franklin, next 2 place called Northern Clay Center. Meeting time is 4:30 PM.


    Coldsnap Cabaret Fundraiser TONIGHT for legal funds! 8pm, Converg. Space, 627 Smith Ave, St Paul. Sliding scale and family-friendly!


    TC IMC: Confirmed report of vigilante cops around the convergnce center. masked up in two black suvs harasing people.


    TC IMC: Dacota People Calling for supporters and media at camp coldwater at 2pm today. Need media there as well


    Cold Snap Legal: Judge has summarily dismissed motion to release seized property. Try 651-266-5637 for info from cops -other possible actions TBA.


    MN Indy: Free Press and local press-freedom advocates to deliver 6Ok letters demanding release of detained journos, 10 a.m. St. Paul City Hall


    MN INDY: Star Trib says 818 people were arrested over the 4 days of the RNC, including 396 last night


    Cold Snap Legal: NLG lawyer confirms that the John Doe who was water-striking has been bonded out. No "Doe"s remain in the Jail (unless from tonight).


    TC IMC: people arrested early in today's march have been trickling out of the jails recently. The cops are still pulling that same random drops shit


    TC IMC: WCCO reports one of their photojournalists has also been arrested. will all these arrests wake up the corporate media? it never hurts to dream...









    - SEPT 5  2008
    - Portland Indy Media
    - updates

    9:37PM: Cold Snap Legal: NLG lawyer confirms that the John Doe who was water-striking has been bonded out. No "Doe"s remain in the Jail (unless from tonight).
    9:17PM: TC IMC: people arrested early in today's march have been trickling out of the jails recently. The cops are still pulling that same random drops shit
    8:52PM: TC IMC: WCCO reports one of their photojournalists has also been arrested. will all these arrests wake up the corporate media? it never hurts to dream...
    7:46PM: The Uptake: Fox news crew gassed: also KARE 11 reporter arrested
    7:38PM: TC IMC: Flash Bangs on Marion again!
    7:31PM: TC IMC: codepink has just disrupted the proceedings inside the xcel energy center!
    7:29PM: TC IMC: democracy now! producers arrested earlier this week are on marion bridge where mass arrest appears likely. other journalists too. repression of journalists is totally unprecedented in recent regional history.
    7:19PM: PDX IMC: Uptake now claiming to not turn in anything in to police.
    6:57PM: TC IMC: jail vigil will need many more bodies, especially considering tonight's police terror. stand up for friends now!
    6:43PM: TC IMC: 100+ people on marion bridge detained, plastic handcuffed face down
    6:39PM: TC IMC: western ave bridge, west of capitol reportedly safe to cross

    6:36PM:The Uptake: Chuck and team were trying to leave by car. Told by cops to "get out of the fucking car and run"
    6:35PM:Mn Indy: Arrest teams are approaching seated protesters on Marion bridge. Resisters are told they'll be met with force
    6:34PM:MN INDY: MnIndy's Paul Demko is among 400 people on the Marion St. bridge over 94; police say anyone on the bridge is under arrest.
    6:24PM:TC IMC: 11th and st. joseph: swat team has shop up with tear gas guns aimed. request LOs and media now!
    6:23PM:TC IMC: journalists from uptake, tc daily planet arrested. also: medics fear arrest and marion/st. anthony, need LOs
    6:22PM:Cold Snap Legal: Marion & St. Anthony in St Paul, medics fear arrest. Legal observers needed on Marion Street bridge now!

    6:20PM:PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia journalist gassed again, tear gas thick. Very few, if any, ways out
    6:17PM:PDX IMC: March in low income residential, tear gas thick, lots more concussion grenades
    6:16PM:PDX IMC: pigz throw concussion grenades, people throw back rocks
    6:15PM:PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia journalist gassed outside police line, tear gas THICK inside police line

    6:10PM:The Uptake: can't get back to the office to get us the footage. We're blocked off.
    6:09PM:Mn Indy: spotted an officer with an M-16.
    6:07PM:Mn Indy: Just heard over cop radio. "We are not equipped to deal with the crowd."
    6:04PM:PDX IMC: Tear gas, concussion grenades going off, crowd surrounded
    5:58PM:PDX IMC: 600 people moving quickly down Marion, trying to get on I-94, cops lagging behind and flustered
    5:56PM:TC IMC: disparate police violence/confrontations all around capitol area - too scattered to reliably keep up.
    5:43PM:Cold Snap Legal: 27 arrested at 12th and cedar. police arresting many of march leadership
    5:37PM:PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia Webradio back on the air, TUNE IN NOW!
    5:33PM:The Uptake: Videographer Suzanne taken away in pig vehicle
    5:30PM:TC IMC: 50-75 tactical teams or national guard (?) by history museum - everything closed on john ireland blvd

    4:57PM: The Uptake: reports videographer may be detained, was filming march LIVE
    4:54PM: Cold Snap Legal: marchers now being detained one by one and led to police vans
    4:54PM: MN Indy: An older woman in a blue-jean jacket just walked in the line of fire of cop aiming at guy in tree. He ignores her, but lowers his rifle.
    4:51PM: TC IMC: banner drop over 35E
    4:46PM: Cold Snap Legal: report of inmate john doe on water fast! and hunger strike in segregation at Ramsey Co. cell block 3C room415 as of 630pm sept. 4
    4:42PM: PDX IMC: Folks penned in and sitting to deescalate cops. Pepperspray deployed 12th & Cedar
    4:36PM: TC IMC: large line of riot police moving north on cedar crossing 12th towards capitol, 5 min issued. Crowd peaceful. Horses intruding

    4:33PM: PDX IMC: Penned in 12th & Cedar
    4:17PM: TC IMC: safe way out of bridge is towards rice/university, one block west of capitol. horses pushing people back from bridge. Cops issue 10min warning for tear gas
    4:15PM: Dump trucks, snow plows between marchers and xcel center (remember Soilent Green?)
    4:08PM: PDX IMC: Protest (wisely) choosing to move from the bridge to more tactically sound location.
    3:58PM: TC IMC: march still blocked on john ireland bridge over I94. stormtrooper presence is intense. cops appear to be only allowing people to go back
    3:54PM: Cold Snap Legal: most all cops at j ireland bridge now have gasmasks on
    3:34PM: Cold Snap Legal: 100 protesters have blocked the Hyde Street bridge
    3:33PM: Cold Snap Legal: 2-300 protesters are trapped on RICE street bridge
    3:31PM: Cold Snap Legal: Reports of gas deployed on I 35 and Kellogg
    3:28PM: TC IMC: 600 people on bridge, concern for alter-abled folks unable to leave, police are using snowplows to barricade.

    3:23PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: rumors of "curfew" false. Police: march permit to be revoked after 5. Sheriff Fletcher encouraged city employees to vacate downtown area
    3:21PM PDT: PDX IMC: Marchers on john Ireland bridge surrounded by police. Gas masks on. Severely tactically disadvantaged.
    3:17PM PDT: PDX IMC: Undercover confirmed: surveillance gear unveiled under lime kafta scarf. White, fat, full brown beard, black hoody, baggy blue jeans, back pack.
    3:10PM PDT: The UPtake: Horses lined up, cops eager for conflict, and protesters sitting on ground to deescalate at the cop line.
    2:58PM PDT: The Uptake: Must watch video recorded live of lawyers in the Mayor of St. Paul's office:
    2:54PM PDT: Mn Indy: Police told peace team they will arrest the march at 5 despite assurances from police to organizers
    2:39PM PDT: TC IMC: Crowd surrounded by cops. Cops entered crowd. Pepperspray deployed. Threats of tear gas looming.
    2:35PM PDT: PDX IMC: Cops not letting No Peace For War Makers start. 2 people snatched. Lots of cops. Many arrests happening now.
    1:43PM PDT: TC IMC: has collected 40k+signatures agains abuse of journalists in Twin Cities, deliver to Mayor Coleman tmrw. FREEDOM OF PRESS!
    1:42PM PDT: TC IMC: Warning: police in unmarked vans have white numbers chalked on top of windshield. Avoid them! Someone is stirring up riot rumors- the govt?
    12:57PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal:Witness to brutality (yourself or others)? Witness to arrests? Deliver statements to ColdSnap at Convergence! 627 Smith Ave, St. Paul
    12:49PM PDT: PDX IMC: Events happening now: Student Strike/March to Arrest the War Criminals, Peace Island picnic on Harriet Island, Jail Solidarity Vigil
    12:41PM PDT: TC IMC: cops in riot gear are parked on sidewalk lining shepard road up to 35E. yawr march is on kellogg blvd south of capitol
    12:40PM PDT: Mn Indy: Riot cops testing FIREHOSES inside the "green zone." cop says staging across from us (media) in prep for parade from the capitol.
    12:36PM PDT: Tin Can Announce: community gathering and debrief tomorrow at noon at the convergence space
    12:33PM PDT: PDX IMC: 100s marching to Harriet Isl for Peace Isl picnic & to educate RNC delegates getting onto a yacht
    11:49AM PDT: TC IMC: Downtown state employees are being asked to evacuate, downtown business owners have been asked to close shop for this afternoon.


    Cold Snap Legal: No Peace for the Peacemakers!Antiwar march TODAY @ 4PM from the Capitol! Police threatening to clear streets by 5pm, Legal observers needed!
    10:33AM: TC IMC: National Lawyers Guild press conference @ 3 pm. at 319 ramsey
    9:39AM: Mn Indy: car owned by person from pagan cluster was detained and told car is on "federal stop & search list"
    9:25AM: TC IMC: Police have closed the Smith High Bridge. Reporters are trying to find alternative paths to Welcom Comm. Press Conference.
    9:19AM: Pepperspray Productions journalist Lambert Rochfort, from Seattle, released!!
    9:18AM: TC IMC: Police have new 6-wheeled teargas enabled ATV - how dumb is that? .
    9:07AM: Cold Snap Legal: Just a reminder that someone will be at the convergence space today @ noon taking written affidavits on police misconduct.
    4:32AM: cold Snap Legal: Support is Really needed right now at Hennepin Cty Jail (4th & 4th, Mpls). Police are intimidating the support there.
    4:26AM: Cold Snap Legal: Medics Desperately needed @Hennepin Cty Jail (4th st & 4th ave, Mpls) for arrestees being released; treatment for chemical weapons needed.
    4:24AM: Cold Snap Legal: Arrestees from RATM concert currently being released @ Hennepin county. If you are an arrestee, fill out a legal outtake form from coldsnap!

    -breaking news

    -Portland Indy Media


    - September 3 à evening

    9:40PM PDT:
    11:05PM: Cold Snap Legal: 44 people arrested on 7th and 2nd Ave. 2 videographers freed.
    11:00PM: TC IMC: Numerous reports: Horse/riot/bike cops 7st + 6th Av, 7th St + 2nd Av
    10:51PM: TC IMC: booking area now in empty lot at 11th st and hennepin
    10:45PM: PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia Webradio has signed off for tonight but will be back up tomorrow evening
    10:42PM: TC IMC: Near 7th & Marquette, Metro Transit bus repurposed as Police Bus is taking arrestees. Call coldsnap 651-356-8635 for legal help-not IMC
    10:37PM: TC IMC: 4 arrests @ 5th & marquette. booking is going to 8th & Marquette. Keep up the good work coldsnap!
    10:28PM: TC IMC: reports: Horse/riot/bike cops 7 st + 6th Av, 7th St + 2nd Av / 7th + marquette many arrests, MnIndy reportr trapped. Maybe herding to Loring
    10:06PM: Cold Snap Legal: Front of target center cleared. 7th & Hennepin blocked by riot cops. Pepper spray deployed.
    9:49PM: TC IMC: ALERT: IMC+Legal Observers needed @ Target Center. 1st Ave N closed by riot cops b/w 6th & 7th St., some allowed to leave (some not?) CALL tc imc

    TC IMC: 30-40 police have been putting more pressure on the people of Camp Coldwater

    9:40PM :    Cold Snap Legal: Concert goers @ the rage against the machine show are taking to the streets. riot cops on every corner, 1 arrest. need legal observers


    TC IMC: Explosion reports turned out to be a kid playing with a firecracker. However, the ATF and the Secret Service are still on the scene.


    Tin Can Announce: Thursday's Spokes at 11 AM at the Convergence Space. Enter through the side door, not the main entrance. There will be media upstairs

    5:59PM: TC IMC: RNC Welcoming Committee 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"!
    5:47PM: TC IMC: reports kid who lives in the building saw it happen, told police kid likely responsible does this kind of thing often. (pdx imc: clarify?)
    5:32PM: TC IMC: reports an explosion at st peter and 6th or 7th. Cops closing in. LO's and Media needed! (pdx imc: hopefully just concusion grenades)
    5:23PM: TC IMC: recent report that police activity has increased around supporters outside of the jail
    4:55PM: PDX IMC: Heavy riot police & National Guard presence en route to Jail Solidarity Vigil. Police preparing to use german shepherd dogs.
    4:51PM: The phone number for Ramsey Co. Jail: (651) 292-3698
    4:36PM: PDX IMC: 60 people marching to the Jail Solidarity vigil
    4:25PM: PDX IMC: Studio # 503 715 0994 & AIM portlandimcradio
    4:23PM: PDX IMC: Portland IMC Webradio back on the air to continue Day 3 RNC coverage TUNE IN!
    4:15PM: Tin Can Com: 3 members of the Tin Can Comms Team have been released, We are awaiting the release of 6 more! The Man Cant Keep US DOWN!

    -breaking news

    -Portland Indy Media


    September 3


    Tin Can Com: 3 members of the Tin Can Comms Team have been released, We are awaiting the release of 6 more! The Man Cant Keep US DOWN!



    Cold Snap Legal: Clarification: 8-person limit refers to office, not vigil. Go to the vigil!



    PDX IMC: Cold Snap Legal Twitter back up



    TC IMC: Coldsnap legal twitter feed appears to have been blocked.

    3:42PM: TC IMC: Released people at Ramsey Co. jail getting intimidated by riot police; vigil for prisoners @ 8:30 PM.
    3:40PM: Cold Snap Legal: ColdSnap now cannot have more than 8 folk present; all unscheduled vol's must call b4 coming; experienced office/legal esp. please call!
    2:59PM: Tin Can Announce: Please DO NOT go to the coldsnap office unless you are a registered volunteer.
    1:52PM: PDX IMC: 2 journalists from IMC affiliate Pepperspray Productions have been arrested and need your help
    1:27PM: HURRICANE GUSTAV HUMAN RIGHTS MONITORS NEEDED IN TENNESSEE: Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, LOUISIANA: Alexandria, Shreveport, TEXAS: Houston, San Antonio, GEORGIA: Atlanta, ARKANSAS: Fort Chaffee
    1:06PM: TC IMC: probable arrest of at least 2 individuals at smith and grand
    12:36PM: Cold Snap Legal: Cold Snap legal/iWitness office all clear: cops visited building, did not enter office, no raid!
    12:34PM: PDX IMC: 8 people being arrested or detained @ Jail Solidarity Vigil 443 Grove St. Minneapolis. Large detainment vehicle nearby with "digi camo" cops
    12:12PM: Tin Can Com: URGENT People with felonies coming up on the docket right now. Bail needed at courthouse donate using paypal

    10:35AM: Cold Snap Legal: We also need help in the office answering phones, etc. Give us a call at 651.356.8635!
    10:34AM: Cold Snap Legal: Coldsnap volunteers down at the jail haven't slept and need help with outtake today! Email rncjailvigil(at) with your phone #!
    9:58AM: Cold Snap Legal: ICE agents are entering jail and pulling out arrestees with "foreign-sounding names!"
    9:52AM: Gustav Info: About 1,000 people are registered right now. Access this data base at
    9:50AM: Gustav Info: The Red Cross has a place where folks in shelters can register so others can search for them and know they’re safe.
    9:49AM: Gustav Info: Checkpoints were lifted in advance of Nagin’s 11:59pm Wednesday time designation. All residents are now able to enter the city.
    9:44AM: TC IMC: Dakota reclamation at camp coldwater (south of Hwy 55 and 54th St in MPLS) continues today. Sisters Camelot will be serving there at lunch and requests help with supplies and volunteers.
    9:43AM: PDX IMC: To follow these breaking news updates from your phone, Text 40404 with: Follow portlandimc
    9:37AM: TC IMC: codepink actions: 12:30 MPLS hilton (on marquette) , 2:30 saint paul hotel (on market by perimeter) - march

    8:59AM: Cold Snap Legal: If you witnessed the arrests at Bedlam Theatre at 1:30 this morning, please call the Coldsnap hotline ASAP: 651-356-8635.
    8:58AM: The Uptake: Sierra Club will be holding a 1PM press conference on their Paid for Big Oil Campaign in our media space today.
    8:42AM: COld Snap Legal: Convergence Space, 627 Smith, St Paul, NOON: Lawyers will be taking affidavits from those who have not had their property returned yet
    8:40AM: TC IMC: Spokes @ 11am @ C Space, Rise and Shine. WOLVERINES!
    8:39AM: Cold Snap Legal: Men in jail have been on 23 hour lockdown, They are on hunger strike until this ends and they are either charged or released.
    8:33AM: Cold Snap Legal: Property seized during raid or arrest? PLEASE give a statement to NLG lawyers at Convergence Space at NOON; this will help get it back.
    12:19AM: Cold Snap Legal: 4 people being detained at 7th & Nicollet
    12:18AM: Cold Snap Legal: Mounted cops showing up at 7th & Nicollet in downtown Minneapolis. Legal observers needed!
    12:17AM: Cold Snap Legal: Bedlam is calm; cops have left
    12:12AM: Cold Snap Legal: 11th & 3rd Ave in Downtown Mpls: Over a dozen cop cars in the area! Normal security? Doubtful.
    12:06AM: Cold Snap Legal: Several cops still inside the Bedlam Theatre; no warrant
    12:05AM: Cold Snap Legal: People being handcuffed and detained at 7th & Nicollet (Nicollet Mall Light Rail station) in downtown Minneapolis
    12:03AM: Cold Snap Legal: 5-6 mounted cops, 20 bike cops, and more on foot around the Nicollet Mall Light Rail station in downtown Mpls
    11:57PM: Cold Snap Legal: 5th & Hennepin, cops are mobilizing with flex cuffs.
    11:56PM: Cold Snap Legal: 2 arrests outside of Bedlam.
    11:55PM: TC IMC: rumor control, IMC space is A-OK! police presence was outside bldg; tapes and people inside were secured, ok now. it's staying open!


    breaking news - September 2 @ Evening


    PDX IMC: Rumor that PDX's IMCista may be out, but no one can confirm. Wendy call Cold Snap, if you're out!


    TCIMC'er off site: Unclear reports from public IMC space 300 Broadway. Appears police r on scene and lawyers may be trying 2 escort people @ space elsewhere. Trying to reach people at space.


    Gustav Info: Orleans parish residents may return to homes at 11:59 PM On Wed Sept 3rd


    Gustav Info: residents/business owners who sustained losses in designated counties can apply 4 FEMA assistance by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA


    Cold Snap Legal: Situation calming down in Bedlam area. Let's hope it stays that way!


    TC IMC: Cops staging on 6th and Cedar. Detention bus outside public IMC space. Will try to update.


    Cold Snap Legal: Police in area around 300 Broadway, St. Paul


    Cold Snap Legal: Cops donning riot gear a few blocks from the Bedlam.


    Cold Snap Legal: Other reports say that cops are gearing up around 6th and Cedar. Stay tuned.


    Cold Snap Legal: Cops supposedly cleared out of the Bedlam area.


    8:51PM: Cold Snap Legal: Cops left Camp Coldwater.
    8:49PM: Cold Snap Legal: 2 vehicles stopped on I-94 just west of Snelling exit, surrounded by 6 cop cars.
    8:42PM: PDX IMC: Fascnating affidavit:
    8:20PM: PDX IMC: fredPAC(Frederick Progressive Action Coalition) reports 3 arrested today for "j walking"
    8:16PM: PDX IMC: Ha! Police told CNN there were "no arrests"
    7:39PM: TC IMC: Small groups are now dispersing from around the capitol
    7:36PM: Gustav Info: 6am Sept 3, Jefferson Parish will allow residents to return home. Officials warn that amenities are primitive if available.
    7:32PM: Gustav Info: Buses are waiting at shelters across the South to bring Gustav evacuees home. Unclear if buses only available for evacuees that utilized the publicly assisted system
    7:22PM: PDX IMC: Portland IMC Web radio is back on the air!!! Tune In NOW!!! (yay!)
    7:21PM: Tin Can Announce: wednesday's spokescouncil - 11am at convergence center. spread the word!

    6:26PM: Tin Can Com: Cops near Excel are searching people's bags for goggles and gas masks-- hide them!
    6:24PM: Cold Snap Legal: Report from prisoner: had been pepper sprayed all over her body, was not allowed to wash it off, now has first degree burns.
    6:21PM: Cold Snap Legal: Tear gas has been deployed at 7th and Wabash
    5:58PM: TC IMC: Police used pepper spray and tazer at Poor People's/Rage Against The Machine March
    5:55PM: Tin Can Com: Poor people's march in front Excel; organizers had protesters raise right hands & pledge nonviolence.
    5:53PM: PDX IMC: Poor People's march just announced intention to put Bush/Cheney under citizens arrest upon arrival at the Excel center
    5:47PM: Tin Can Com: 7th & St. Peter police snatched & arrested someone out of the Poor People's March
    5:42PM: Tin Can Com: 7th & St. peter, organizers asking protesters in black to get behind the front of the march or to breakaway
    5:37PM: Tin Can Com: 7th & cedar 50-100 riot police in front of the march as it heads up 7th. No reported violence.
    5:36PM: PDX IMC: Street reporter feels that "shit could hit fan if police provoke this crowd" report cut short with "I'm being kicked ou..."

    11:47PM PDT: PDX IMC: Portland IMC journalist is out of jail, it's confirmed! Being charged with same as Amy Goodman, "felony, rioting"
    11:30PM PDT: COLD Snap Legal: 4 marked cop cars outside of the Bedlam again.
    11:13PM PDT: TC IMC: press conference with ppehrc, rncwc, & others 10am weds, 400 western ave (bushville)
    11:06PM PDT: Gustav Info: 34 of Louisiana�s 64 parishes declared a federal disaster area
    10:58PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: If you've been released from jail and have NOT had your property returned, please call the Coldsnap hotline (651.356.8635). We can help out!
    10:57PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: We're going to need volunteers at the jail tomorrow between 7am and 12noon to do outtake! Show up at Grove and Lafayette and help us out!
    10:28PM PDT: PDX IMC: Rumor that PDX's IMCista may be out, but no one can confirm. Wendy call Cold Snap, if you're out!
    10:23PM PDT: TCIMC'er off site: Unclear reports from public IMC space 300 Broadway. Appears police r on scene and lawyers may be trying 2 escort people @ space elsewhere. Trying to reach people at space.
    10:10PM PDT: Gustav Info: Orleans parish residents may return to homes at 11:59 PM On Wed Sept 3rd
    10:08PM PDT: Gustav Info: residents/business owners who sustained losses in designated counties can apply 4 FEMA assistance by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA
    10:03PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Situation calming down in Bedlam area. Let's hope it stays that way!
    9:46PM PDT: TC IMC: Cops staging on 6th and Cedar. Detention bus outside public IMC space. Will try to update.
    9:45PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police in area around 300 Broadway, St. Paul
    9:35PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops donning riot gear a few blocks from the Bedlam.
    9:25PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Other reports say that cops are gearing up around 6th and Cedar. Stay tuned.
    9:25PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops supposedly cleared out of the Bedlam area.
    9:24PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Van on 94 just west of Snelling is still being searched by cops on the scene.
    9:15PM PDT: TC IMC: Reports of Bedlam theatre getting raided
    9:04PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 4-10 cop cars surrounding the Bedlam Theatre at Cedar-Riverside Light Rail Station.
    8:51PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops left Camp Coldwater.
    8:49PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 vehicles stopped on I-94 just west of Snelling exit, surrounded by 6 cop cars.
    8:42PM PDT: PDX IMC: Fascnating affidavit:  
    link to
    8:20PM PDT: PDX IMC: fredPAC(Frederick Progressive Action Coalition) reports 3 arrested today for "j walking"
    8:16PM PDT: PDX IMC: Ha! Police told CNN there were "no arrests"
    7:39PM PDT: TC IMC: Small groups are now dispersing from around the capitol
    7:36PM PDT: Gustav Info: 6am Sept 3, Jefferson Parish will allow residents to return home. Officials warn that amenities are primitive if available.
    7:32PM PDT: Gustav Info: Buses are waiting at shelters across the South to bring Gustav evacuees home. Unclear if buses only available for evacuees that utilized the publicly assisted system
    7:22PM PDT: PDX IMC: Portland IMC Web radio is back on the air!!! Tune In NOW!!! (yay!)
    7:21PM PDT: Tin Can Announce: wednesday's spokescouncil - 11am at convergence center. spread the word!
    7:19PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops questioning and asking for IDs from people going in and out of Camp Coldwater.
    7:08PM PDT: TC IMC: Protesters trying to leave on St. Peter. 70 cops walking down 12th to cut them off. Traffic stopped. Cops charging into crowd at Saint Peter and Exchange
    7:06PM PDT: The Uptake: Noah Kunin is now safe. Filming live:
    7:04PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 300 riot cops on lawn of capitol
    6:53PM PDT: The Uptake: Noah Kunin just arrested. Was filming behind officers. 4 cops pulled him in.
    6:47PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 11th & wabasha-- bike cops blocking street
    6:45PM PDT: PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia journalist shot/struck in eye with tear gas canister. Mickey's Diner gassed
    6:42PM PDT: PDX IMC: Our guy on the street is ok it turns out and describes volleys of tear gas and concussion grenades thrown into the crowd.
    6:41PM PDT: Tin Can Com: cops using pepperspray, concussion grenades, rubber bullets. 2 groups going down wabasha & st. peter towards capitol.
    6:40PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police scanner: Police are blocking 10th, 11th and St Peter. "Going in for the kill" because they are "sick of this shit."
    6:30PM PDT: Tin Can Com: Cops near Excel are searching people's bags for goggles and gas masks-- hide them!
    6:26PM PDT: Tin Can Com: Minneapolis Police Dept. gave warning to disperse at 9th & St. Peter.
    6:24PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Report from prisoner: had been pepper sprayed all over her body, was not allowed to wash it off, now has first degree burns.
    6:21PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Tear gas has been deployed at 7th and Wabash
    5:58PM PDT: TC IMC: Police used pepper spray and tazer at Poor People's/Rage Against The Machine March
    5:55PM PDT: Tin Can Com: Poor people's march in front Excel; organizers had protesters raise right hands & pledge nonviolence.
    5:53PM PDT: PDX IMC: Poor People's march just announced intention to put Bush/Cheney under citizens arrest upon arrival at the Excel center
    5:47PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 7th & St. Peter police snatched & arrested someone out of the Poor People's March
    5:42PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 7th & St. peter, organizers asking protesters in black to get behind the front of the march or to breakaway
    5:37PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 7th & cedar 50-100 riot police in front of the march as it heads up 7th. No reported violence.
    5:36PM PDT: PDX IMC: Street reporter feels that "shit could hit fan if police provoke this crowd" report cut short with "I'm being kicked ou..."
    5:33PM PDT: PDX IMC: Crowd very displeased with show cancellation. Poor People's March redirecting energy & leading the chants.
    5:30PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Tons of riot cops heading east on University.
    5:27PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 15+ Jane/John Does have been hunger striking all day to get anemic Jane Doe medical treatment. She passed out, still being denied treatment!
    5:25PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: RATM breakaway march formed after cops cancelled show now "several thousand," now marching with Poor People's March towards Xcel Center.
    5:18PM PDT: TC IMC: Riot Cops had refused to allow RATM to take the stage, surrounded concert
    5:12PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Rage Against the Machine just took 200 people on unpermitted march toward river. They are chanting, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me."
    5:09PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Hearing horrible stories of things being done to people in jail. Writing out details for a longer update.
    5:08PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Riot cops have left Northstar clinic, have now blockaded Grove.
    5:07PM PDT: TC IMC: 4 minivans full of riot cops and 30 undercovers at Northstar clinic.
    4:57PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Riot police staging at RATM concert.
    4:56PM PDT: Cld Snap Legal: 4 minivans full of riot cops and 30 undercovers at Northstar clinic.
    4:53PM PDT: Tin Can Com: Riot police stagin at concert
    4:33PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Mobile Broadcast News Bus surrounded by police. Unconfirmed that police are breaking into the bus-- LO's and cameras needed!
    4:25PM PDT: Tin Can Com: Decreased cops as march continues 7th & lafayette
    4:22PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 30 police vehicle at Kellogg and Jackson, headed north on Jackson.
    4:22PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: RMO bus let go. Yay! Rock on!
    4:21PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Rude Mechanical Orchestra bus pulled over in the parking lot at the Kellogg and Hwy 54 underpass. Cops have flex cuffs ready.
    4:20PM PDT: RNC 08: march moving on 7th
    4:18PM PDT: TC IMC: SURPRISE! Rage Against the Machine playing @ State Capitol in 35 minutes, Anti-Flag is opening right now.
    4:16PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Man tasered, surrounded by riot cops at 5th and Wacouta.
    3:59PM PDT: PDX IMC: Confirmed, one of Portland Indymedia's street reporters has been arrested but not tazered(yet) and is smiling like a champ @ 5th & Wacouta
    3:43PM PDT: PDX IMC: Unconfirmed yet, but indy reporters arrested may be our own Portland folks
    3:39PM PDT: Tin Can: 5th & Sibley two confirmed arrests - female indy reporter, male with her down on the ground tasered; crowd chanting let them go
    3:33PM PDT: RNC 08: Riot cops at every intersection along 7th between Jackson and Broadway
    3:32PM PDT: TC IMC: Scattered reports of harassment with red laser dots around cities, @ parks - watch out!
    3:21PM PDT: RNC 08:Riot cops at 5th & Sibley, 6th & Sibley; Wacouta sides seems clear; rally in the park going OK
    3:19PM PDT: TC IMC: Mears Park massing for march to Xcel, heavy police presence "a March for People's Lives" already @ 500 people. Capitol concert heavy guard.
    3:06PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: less-lethal weapons still out at Ripple Effect, snipers on roof of building in area.
    3:04PM PDT: The Uptake: Code Pink rumored to be storming RNC. Noah's live, on the beat: http:///
    2:42PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Riot cops at Ripple Effect have rubber bullets, gas canisters, and concussion grenades ready.
    2:38PM PDT: RNC 08: Dakota ancestral space @ Coldwater in MPLS @ HWY 55 (Hiawatha) & 54th Street invites helpers and campers Camp has 4 day permit, setting up.
    2:37PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 120 riot cops at Ripple Effect concert at the State Capitol
    2:37PM PDT: RNC Medic: 40 - 60 Riot cops reported at 7th and Sibley
    2:35PM PDT: Gustav Alerts: Flood Warning - West Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Issued At: 2008-09-02T21:09:00
    2:21PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Folks needed at the jail release site at Grove & Lafayette to help with outtake!
    2:04PM PDT: The Uptake: We're live on and off: Noah's at the convention center.
    2:03PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 20 cops in riot gear at 4th & Sibley, 20 more cops at 5th & Sibley, many other cops at 6th & Sibley (all near Poor Peoples March)
    1:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 60-80 riot cops massing up at 8th and Lacouta Commons
    1:58PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: SWAT team vans also pulling up at Mears park
    1:42PM PDT: TC IMC: police are saying that protesters will be targeting the media. Indy media believes otherwise. Remember who attacked the media yesterday?
    1:09PM PDT: PDX IMC: Live Portland Indymedia Webradio coverage resumes! Tune in now!
    12:49PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Scratch that on the calls. We are getting some, others are still being blocked. We are working hard to get this fixed ASAP.
    12:36PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Dakota people got four day permit to have ceremony at coldwater all is good!
    12:34PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: We are getting calls from jail again! Thanks, everyone!
    12:33PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: ICE cops surrounding concert on Cedar Ave
    12:32PM PDT: RNC 08 Announce: meet up and check in 3:30 mears park before march
    12:05PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Rmsy Cty jail holding solidarity folks in holding cells & refusing to book them for "non-cooperation" - others still being processed this am
    12:00PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Supporters still needed at Coldwater Spring.
    11:58AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Sheriffs, Homeland Security massing and "masking up" at Coldwater Spring. Legal observers present there.
    11:58AM PDT: Cld Snap Legal: People at concert on MLK & John Ireland being targeted and illegally searched
    11:57AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police and sheriffs are lining up at Coldwater. Supporters needed at 54th & Highway 55!
    11:56AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: street medic being held in cuffs on University Ave
    11:15AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Dakota people reclaim Camp Coldwater! Awesome! They are requesting support at 54th St & Hwy 55 in Mpls.
    11:05AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2-3 vanloads riot cops now circling jail vigil in tactical vans w/ doors open. Ramsey Cty sheriffs also on scene taking pics of volunteers.
    11:01AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Vegan food being received, people being treated for injuries. Some arrestees sick and not receiving treatment for that - only 1 nurse @ jail
    11:00AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: "A bunch" of arrestees on women's side on hunger strike for medical treatment, according to a support person at 11am.
    10:59AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 3 people being arrested by the Cathedral.
    10:56AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 25-30 cops encircling our volunteers at vigil outside jail. Legal observers needed there now!
    10:35AM PDT: The uptake: RNC08 Day 1 photos here: Courtesy of Jon Behm and Stacy Schwartz! Thanks!
    9:57AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Calls from jail to Cold Snap have been blocked - please call the jail - 651-266-9350 - and demand that they allow free calls to 651-356-8635
    9:53AM PDT: Mn Indy: It's slow-going at arraignment court. Only two protesters processed this morning, I hear.
    7:26AM PDT: TC IMC: We are also soliciting testimonials from people in the street. If you have been gassed, shot at or pepper sprayed we want to here your story
    7:23AM PDT: TC IMC: Indymedia needs information about any journalists that have been arrested, detained or otherwise maligned by the cops. Call us: 651-503-5661
    7:22AM PDT: TC IMC: Good Morning People of the Twin Cities and the world! Are you ready for day two?
    11:53PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Sweatshirts and blankets are needed at the jail! If you can help organize this or have stuff to offer, please call us or head on down there!
    11:39PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: We would still love more folks to help out with outtake at the jail, and will gladly take volunteers in our office as well. Give us a call!
    11:38PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Check out for extended arrestee updates!
    11:35PM PDT: Common Ground Relief: Houma Native Nation update and call for help.
    11:32PM PDT: PDX IMC: Found source for New Orleans updates and will be following/posting them in addition to Twin Cities coverage
    11:29PM PDT: Common Ground Relief: (New Orleans) By 10 p.m., Gustav's center was located about 20 miles southwest of Alexandria, La. The storm, downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm at 10 p.m., was moving northwest near 13 mph.
    10:43PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: We need people to help with outtake and solidarity at the vigil outside the jail! Please come help if you can!
    10:43PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Numerous reports from people being released of people inside being denied medical treatment, those needing it being separated from others
    9:37PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Van searched & towed @ Grand & Macalester - no warrant. Cop told owner: "This is what happens when @ists come to our city & destroy things."
    9:35PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Making sure that arrestees get the medication, food, and other things they need.
    8:47PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Felony charges have historically been used as scare tactics against activists. There is much less precedent for them to hold up in court
    8:46PM PDT: PDX IMC: Unconfirmed report that cop cars may be getting smashed
    8:41PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Credible report of convoy of Natl Guard heading toward Twin Cities on Hwy 55 between 8 and 9 pm, with at least 7 humvees.
    8:40PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Arrest tally from Ramsey County Sheriff's Office as of 10:30 p.m.: 284 total; 130 felonies; 51 gross misdemeanors; 103 misdemeanors.
    8:23PM PDT: PDX IMC: Reports of people having been arrested at gunpoint with assault rifles. Mini vans with writing in corner of windows are undercover police vehicles.
    8:04PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Many arrestees are being held without booking in the Ramsey Cty jail. Not in the system yet, told no info & they won't see judges until Wed.
    8:02PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Phone caller: 12-13 people being held in a "cage" in Ramsey County Jail.
    7:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Newest arrest tallies per the sheriff: 283 total; 129 felonies; 51 gross misdemeanors; 103 misdemeanors.
    7:50PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Bridges at Robert St, Wabasha, Smith closed, leaving only 35E bridge open to downtown StP. Metro Transit buses do seem to be running now.
    7:49PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Joint press conference 9am Tuesday at 400 Western Ave in St. Paul (from twin cities indymedia)
    7:48PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: RNC arrest tally so far: 256 total; 119 felonies; 48 gross misdemeanors; 89 misdemeanors. Per Ramsey County Sheriff's Department.
    7:17PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Correction: 1st hearing for RNC arrestees 9 am at Law Center, Lafayette & Grove. 10:30 hearing @ main courthouse for seized items.
    7:14PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Bus service resumes in downtown St. Paul.
    7:12PM PDT: PDX IMC: Vernon Rodrigues medical condition still unconfirmed. Please call Ramsey County jail 651-266-9350
    7:06PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Heads up, folks, National Guard is marching through downtown, according to RNC worker. Stay safe!
    7:00PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Coldsnap street team members are out of jail now. (PDX IMC: Fuck Yeah!)
    6:49PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Authorities said of those arrested today, 73 were charged with felonies, 42 with gross misdemeanors, and 48 with misdemeanors.
    6:47PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Court hearing for those arrested today will be tomorrow @ 8am @ Ramsey Cty Courthouse, 15 West Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN
    6:46PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: According to Ramsey Cty officials, 167 people have been arrested in St. Paul.
    6:39PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Sighting; 8 Humvees, 10 Buses heading to St. Paul from Brooklyn Park, possible Guard
    6:37PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Smith Ave bridge being blockaded by cops. 1 truck, 3 cars. Anarchists can't get to convergence space.
    6:34PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Code Pink is w/ Mothers Against the War. They're being pushed against Wabasha Bridge by 150 riot cops now.
    6:33PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: TC Indymedia has some sweet video of today:
    6:23PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Code Pink rally surrounded by 50 riot cops at Wabasha & Kellogg, being pushed east on Kellogg
    6:20PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Riot cops amassing at Kellogg and Wabasha - CUAPB rally.
    6:19PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pi Press reporting 130 arrests today
    6:09PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Things quieting down here; we're supporting arrestees & gathering and processing info. No estimate of arrest #s at this point. Hundreds.
    6:03PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Amy Goodman has been released. Many other journalists, legal observers, medics, and friends are still inside.
    5:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 30 arrested, taken away by bus from Upper Landing Park. Cops were searching people's bags at river walk.
    5:21PM PDT: TC IMC: Arrests of minors with massive police presence on 9th and Temperance
    5:20PM PDT: TC IMC: Upper Loring Park not releasing all. Bus of 30+ taken away. Going after individuals, particularly out-of-towners. Concert+protesters
    5:07PM PDT: TC IMC: Report that the mass arrests by the river have turned into detainments and "get the hell out of here"'s
    4:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Amy Goodman's arrest video - she was pepper-sprayed point blank while handcuffed:
    4:55PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 150 ppl cordoned off by river, ~50 let go. Word was out of towners more likely to be arrested. Horse, riot cops, coast grd, bikes involved
    4:47PM PDT: TC IMC: schedule: dinner at 627 smith 7pm, spokescouncil 8:30pm. redirect groveland park, corner of st. clair and cleveland in STP. send 1 spoke
    4:46PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police closing high bridge to Harriet Island. City worker says it's to keep protesters out of downtown.
    4:45PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Rumor control: Our office hasn't been raided. Not to our knowledge, anyway.
    4:40PM PDT: TC IMC: video of woman repeatedly peppersprayed at close range -
    4:32PM PDT: COld Snap Legal: Police left Ramsey Cty. jail support vigil.
    4:30PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 100 or so people being detained on Shepard Road by the Xcel
    4:30PM PDT: TC IMC: police staging area (several hundred) is by shepard and sibley. 3-4 people seen detained there.
    4:27PM PDT: COld Snap Legal: 3 cop cars at vigil outside jail.
    4:27PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Amy Goodman arrested on probable cause for riot charges. Audio of her arrest:
    4:09PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Coldsnap street team members, 6-8 medics, maybe others STILL being detained at Jackson and 7th.
    4:08PM PDT: TC IMC: several IMC journalists reported arrested at upper landing mass arrest. also, still many people detained at 7th-jackson
    4:07PM PDT: TC IMC: reported confrontation @ science museum; 2 more WC arrests (1 confirmed)
    4:06PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Reports of confrontation near Science Museum
    4:01PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Corporate media reports FBI and "informants" involved in raids
    4:00PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Journalists combative with officials at city press conference, challenge them on misinformation and lies.
    3:56PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Most people being released near Harriet, cops still making arrests, picking people out one by one. ~300 cops present there.
    3:55PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Approx. 50 arrested and loaded on bus, including 5 medics on Jackson and 7th.
    3:53PM PDT: Press Conference: Information Officer backs away from conference after press focused on oppression of journalists.
    3:48PM PDT: Info Officer of SPPD: Denies arrests of journalists
    3:47PM PDT: Chief of SPPD: cops "were threatened and at many times, I believe, frightened" by "masked criminals" today.
    3:44PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police report 56 arrests, 7 being felonies, and expect number to rise
    3:35PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Mass arrest currently happening at Upper Landing Park.
    3:32PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Correction: Two more legal observers arrested at Spring & Shepard. So much going on we can't type fast enough to report it
    3:30PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 9 arrested in comms raid being charged with conspiracy to riot, same warrant as pre-RNC house raids
    3:29PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Three legal observers being arrested at mass arrest at Spring & Chestnut.
    3:28PM PDT: Cold SNap Legal: Police in riot gear have blocked off downtown St. Paul. Bridges closed, buses shut down.
    3:27PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops threatening to arrest everybody @ river walk - 300+ ppl inc. medics, legal observers, journalists, concertgoers, kids. Tear gas used.
    3:27PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Our team is supposedly is under arrest - streaming live NOW
    3:26PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Press Conference w. St. Paul Mayor & Police Chief @ 5:30 @ 172 East 4th Street St. Paul, MN 55101
    3:25PM PDT: Journalists being told to leave Harriet Island arrest zone
    3:23PM PDT: PDX IMC: Corporate Media journalist being exempted from arrest and handed a gas mask.
    3:21PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Harriet Island concertgoers all being handcuffed and arrested.
    3:17PM PDT: TC IMC: Massive regroup and standoff at Upper Landing Park. Sheppard road and eagle park by river under science museam
    3:16PM PDT: PDX IMC: The videographers included in arrests
    3:15PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Harriet Island - SPPD closed off area with 100-200 ppl, including families w/ kids, elderly. Horse cops, gas masks.
    3:11PM PDT: COld Snap Legal: Mass arrests on Jackson & 9th, including Democracy Now! journalists Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddou, Nicole Salazar.
    3:09PM PDT: PDX IMC: Not currently hearing from the Sectors anymore
    3:07PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Seeds of Peace were just detained, let go.
    3:04PM PDT: TC IMC: Seeds of Peace being arrested at 11th and Jackson. Legal observers needed.
    3:02PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Dozens of police vehicles now at Jackson by river. Officers pushing crowds back. 30-40 cop cars coming down 94, preparing for mass arrests.
    3:02PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! has been arrested.
    3:00PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: National Guard moving in on Cedar and Kellogg
    2:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Comms raid in progress at 6th & Wall. Legal observer on the scene. 9 in custody, property being seized.
    2:58PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: National Guard rolling in to Cedar and Kellogg
    2:58PM PDT: TC IMC: 30-40 cop cars coming down 94, preparing for mass arrests
    2:57PM PDT: TC IMC: Police radius secured around 12th and robert
    2:56PM PDT: TC IMC: Nasty attacks on anticap block by river. Moving now
    2:56PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Comms raided. 9 arrested, charged with "conspiracy to riot." Evidence seized. Cop would not show legal observer warrant.
    2:55PM PDT: TC IMC: Lots of empty delegate buses pulling out of staging area near lafeyette road
    2:44PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 5 arrests at Minnesota & 8th.
    2:44PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Democracy Now! journalists among those arrested at Temperance. Lots of police brutality among these arrests.
    2:42PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: In other news, Metro Transit resumes bus service into downtown St. Paul.
    2:41PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: "Lots" of arrests happening on 7th & Jackson.
    2:40PM PDT: Cold SNap Legal: Anti-capitalist bloc being tear gassed on Jackson by river.
    2:39PM PDT: TC IMC: Girl seriously injured by car at 12th and Wabasha, protesters surrounding car, refusing to let it go. Cops doing nothing.
    2:38PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 Coldsnap street team folks, one journalist were arrested in group on 9th & Temperance.
    2:37PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Person tased on 7th & Roberts.
    2:36PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops blocking all northern bridges over highway, moving systematically to wall folks into SE and kellogg park. Cops moving down Chestnut.
    2:35PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 20-25 arrests @ 9th & Temperance, 2 arrests elsewhere in town
    2:34PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman holding 5pm press conference
    2:27PM PDT: TC IMC: many unconfirmed reports coming to TCIMC that airport security is seriously ramping up. if anyone there can confirm specific details please call dispatch line.
    2:26PM PDT: PDX IMC: Uh Oh, all communications went too quiet
    2:20PM PDT: TC IMC: Black bloc at 5th and sibley. Running from cops, throwing barricades into streets. Cops are looking for specific individuals to arrest.
    2:19PM PDT: TC IMC: people being kicked in head by horses on kellogg
    2:16PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Female individual snatched off street by unmarked car on 6th & Wacouta
    2:14PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Person tackled by 5 SPPD in riot gear for refusing a search. Media was present for this.
    2:11PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Vernon Rodrigues in Ramsey Co Jail, needs medical attention. Call jail at 651.266.9350!
    2:09PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: WCCO confirms that National Guard is being called in to help with crowd control in St. Paul.
    2:08PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: The live video at is amazing. You should watch it if you're not in the streets right now.
    2:07PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades being used in more locations than we can write in one tweet right now.
    2:05PM PDT: TC IMC: projectiles fired on kellogg b/t wabasha and cedar; massive numbers pepper sprayed; black bloc dragging barricades into street. also concussion grenades. several injuries from rubber bullets on 6th street. MEDICS needed on 6th, and on Kellogg!
    1:59PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: SWAT team at Kellogg between Minnesota and Cedar; tear gas, concussion grenades reported
    1:54PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pioneer Press reporter: Tear gas now at Kellogg and Cedar.
    1:53PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police platoons will be erected at cedar & kellogg and wabasha & kellogg.
    1:52PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police putting on gas masks at Mulberry & Kellogg
    1:51PM PDT: Sector 4: sector 2 requesting backup at kellogg and wabasha, massive amounts of riot cops
    1:49PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 1 from pagan cluster arrested; was punched in face, is bleeding
    1:49PM PDT: Sector 3: police platoons will be erected at cedar & kellogg and wabasha & kellogg
    1:47PM PDT: 300 people being stampeded by police horses on 2nd & Kellogg
    1:47PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 15 people at 6th & Wall being booked, pictures being taken, being loaded into vans
    1:46PM PDT: Sector 7: about 50 riot police in full gear entering 20 unmarked vehicles along Cedar and 7th
    1:45PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 medics arrested at 6th & Wall
    1:44PM PDT: Sector 6: deploying gas shortly at 11th & wabasha
    1:43PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Per CUAPB: "Hundreds" of police and National Guard giving order to disperse at Wabasha & Kellogg; wearing gas masks
    1:42PM PDT: Sector 2: cops are getting ready to gas funk the war blockade at kellog and wabasha
    1:41PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 more arrests at 6th & St. Peter - one possibly a medic
    1:39PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police blocking off bridges into downtown St. Paul, not letting people into (or out of?) march route.
    1:39PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police "politely requested" to go into Tin Can Comms building. Stay safe and strong, guys!
    1:38PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops moving in on blockade at Minnesota and Kellogg. Legal observers are on the scene. 1 more arrest on Sibley & Warner.
    1:38PM PDT: Sector 2: there is a soft blockade going up at kellogg and minnesota. Riot police are responding
    1:37PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Metro Transit service into downtown St. Paul suspended until #RNC08 congestion abates.
    1:34PM PDT: TC IMC: arrests @ 7th and Wall = approximately 28.
    1:34PM PDT: TC IMC: Sibley near Mississippi river: standoff with police. one reporter assaulted, camera taken.
    1:32PM PDT: Sector 2: funk the war is holding minnesota and kellog and tactical squad coming
    1:32PM PDT: Sector 2: there is a soft blockade going up at kellogg and minnesota. Riot police are responding
    1:30PM PDT: Sector 2: Funk the War moving south on minnesota
    1:28PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 12 being cuffed and loaded into vans on wall between 6th and 7th
    1:26PM PDT: Sector 7: We are now at the reconvergence time 3:15. There is confirmed activity of a group marching north on wabasha from 4th
    1:25PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: The report about the jail on lockdown came from NLG lawyers denied entrance. They were told it was in effect until 3:30pm.
    1:24PM PDT: Sector 7: funk the war at 4th and wabasha police moving north on wabasha to respond
    1:23PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 6 buses of riot police and two jeeps arriving at Wabasha and Kellogg. Police are going to seal off Wabasha from Kellogg to I-94.
    1:22PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: person in car being detained is on kellogg & mulberry
    1:21PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 1 person detained in 1 car, surrounded by 40 riot cops, 1 secret service.
    1:20PM PDT: Sector 3: 6 buses of riot police and two jeeps arriving at Wabasha and Kellogg. Police are going to seal off Wabasha from Kellogg to I-94
    1:17PM PDT: TC IMC:Two arrests on 5th and minnesota. ** Cops running over people at kellogg and wabasha. ** **Ramsey county jail refusing to allow lawyers in. On lockdown. ** St. Joes Hospital on lockdown, denying water. ** Sleeping dragons on I94 7th St exit!
    1:16PM PDT: Sector 3: 30-40 people blocking kellog and wabasha to be given dispersal order
    1:16PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: "vanload of female-bodied people" taken away in unmarked van from 7th & Wall
    1:15PM PDT: TC IMC: ** delegates seen walking in from mulberry and kellogg - mulberry is 2 blocks outside perimeter. **platoon of cops being sent to kellogg/st. peter
    1:14PM PDT: TC IMC: several busses, some fully occupied, sighted on kellogg blvd just west of lafayette bridge. many near I94 and 52 (same area)
    1:14PM PDT: TC IMC: 6 detained at chestnut and shepard. ** NEED REINFORCEMENTS at 4th and wabasha action.
    1:10PM PDT: Sector 7: platoon going to st peters bridge
    1:10PM PDT: Cold SnapLegal: Jackson & Kellogg 1 detained, another on 1st & Siblye
    1:09PM PDT: Sector 2: Many empty buses moving on shepard moving up sibley and onto kellogg;
    1:09PM PDT: Sector 1: Sleeping Dragons on 94 and 7th street exit, cops moving in.
    1:08PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 more arrests @ 5th & Minnesota, horse cops running people over @ Kellogg & Wabasha, cops surrounding ppl @ Kellogg & Sibley
    1:06PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Ramsey Cty jail on lockdown - no lawyers allowed inside. St. Joseph hospital also on lockdown, denying people water
    1:05PM PDT: Sector 5: Cops deploying on bridges off 94 to seal off protesters
    1:05PM PDT: Sector 1: many moving buses at I94 and 52
    1:04PM PDT: Sector 3: platoon of cops being sent to kellogg and St. Peter.
    1:03PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: People being released on Lafayette and Grove. Vigil and outtake to greet them. Come join them if you want to plug in!
    1:02PM PDT: Sector 2: An action at 4th and wabasha is requesting reinforcements
    1:01PM PDT: Sector 4: many delegates on foot walking in from mulberry and kellogg
    1:01PM PDT: Sector 6: large group marching 9th & minnesota going north
    1:00PM PDT: Sector 7: Possible contention in main march. Black bloc on minnesota and 7th may be facing contention
    12:59PM PDT: Sector 7: no national guard at wabasha and kellog
    12:58PM PDT: Sector 2: Cops responding to 5th and sibley blockade
    12:57PM PDT: Sector 7: Mounted police attacking protestors at kellogg and wabash, riot police on scene
    12:54PM PDT: TC IMC: Live at RNC web radio coverage. They will be on all day covering the events taking place, and giving updates. Useful information such as legal numbers, coldsnap updates, tips for protesters, and live call-ins.
    12:52PM PDT: TC IMC: legal observers needed at jackson/7th - busses are being blockaded (soft) there! - bike cops on way ** delegates being blocked on foot between wabasha and st. peter on kellogg - police confrontation imminent
    12:51PM PDT: TC IMC: large bus staging ground spotted underneath lafayette/52 bridge, between warner road and kellogg. **kellogg and st peter blockade is still strong - 10 mounted police just arrived ** riot police heading towards st. peter and 7th
    12:51PM PDT: TC IMC: corporate media reporting numbers at peace march at 10,000 or less. likely accurate according to IMC activists there.
    12:50PM PDT: TC IMC: 18 confirmed arrests there. more likely coming. legal observers not being allowed to observe. ** steady stream of pepper spray injuries coming to northstar collective clinic at 639 Jackson; medics headed to jail with supplies shortly
    12:49PM PDT: TC IMC: protesters trapped at 7th/st. peter REINFORCEMENTS NEEDED! ** windows broken wabasha/6th by macy's
    12:48PM PDT: TC IMC: An NLG lawyer is trapped in the illegal detainment at randolph and shepard ** coldsnap: cops lining up at 7th and ceder, cops trying to divide lawful from unlawful protesters
    12:47PM PDT: Sector 7: possible national guard deployment to kellog and wabasha
    12:46PM PDT: Sector 1: Mobile cops enroute to push sector 1 protesters north east
    12:46PM PDT: Sector 1: CAN holding 5th and Sibley with soft blockade
    12:45PM PDT: Sector 6: 9th and robert: group forming with sheilds, more coming with cars
    12:44PM PDT: Sector 2: more cops going to kellog and wabasha
    12:42PM PDT: Sector 2: On Kellog, between St. Peter and Wabash, 3 delegates on foot, being blocked, police confrontation imminent!
    12:41PM PDT: Sector 4: delegates being routed through kellogg and john ireland, cops on kellogg between mulberry and college
    12:40PM PDT: Sector 3: bringing in delegates at st peter and kellog WIDE OPEN
    12:39PM PDT: Sector 7: busses blocked at jackson and 7th!
    12:38PM PDT: Sector 3: kellog & st peter blockade still strong. sent in 10 mounted police
    12:37PM PDT: Sector 7: riot police heading towards st peter & 7th
    12:36PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 6th & Wall arrestees being booked on site
    12:36PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 6 arrests and pepper spray at Chestnut and Shepard.
    12:35PM PDT: Sector 7: kellog and wabasha 50 anarchists to block delegate van, group being pushed eastwar
    12:34PM PDT: Sector 7: Blockading 94 at 7th and wall still up
    12:34PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Per comms, "18 confirmed arrests a couple more coming through"
    12:33PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Steady stream of folks with pepper spray injuries at the Northstar clinic; medic headed to jail with supplies soon
    12:32PM PDT: Sector 7: 6th & wabasha by macy's, broken windows, total destroy
    12:31PM PDT: Sector 7: Brown Hat being targeted by cops for breaking window w/ grlfriend 5th and Wabasha
    12:31PM PDT: Sector 3: delegate bus blocked in cedar and wabasha area
    12:29PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 police cars driven into crowd in sector 5 - squad car #s 1404 & 1529
    12:28PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 15th arrested on 6th & Wall, being transported to Ramsey on bus.
    12:16PM PDT: Sector 6: Cops lining up at 7th and Cedar, cops trying to divide lawful protestors/unlawful
    12:16PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: randolph & shepard surrounded, cops saying they won't let anyone go unless they search everyone. this is illegal. LOs needed there now!
    12:15PM PDT: Sector 7: forming scrimmage on 7th & st peter to block protesters
    12:15PM PDT: Sector 7: crowd dissipating at 6th and St. Peters, several cop cars smashed, barricades standing
    12:14PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: arrestee from kellogg & ireland injured, pepper sprayed and denied medical attention.
    12:12PM PDT: Sector 7: st. peter and 5th riot cops forming
    12:12PM PDT: Sector 2: Police responding to jackson and Kellogg
    12:11PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 police cars driven into crowd in sector 5 - squad car #s 1404 & 1529
    12:10PM PDT: TC IMC: ** several cop cars smashed 6th/st.peter ** randolph/shepard surrounded - cops say they won't let anyone go
    12:09PM PDT: TC IMC: arrestee from kellog/johnireland peppersprayed, injured, denied medical attention ** police forming scrimmage on 7th/st.peter to block protesters
    12:07PM PDT: TC IMC: police sent to 6th/cedar on reports of cars smashed/bricks "taken off buildings" ** riot cops forming st. pater/5th ** 2 police cars driven into crowd in sector 5 **
    12:05PM PDT: Sector 7: 20 cops responding to rock throwing and shattered Macy's window on 6th and wabasha,
    12:04PM PDT: Sector 6: Small blockade being attacked by cops at cedar and 7th
    12:02PM PDT: Sector 4: Delegate buses are coming through sector 5 through John Ireland and Kelogg
    12:01PM PDT: Sector 6: 5th and Minnesota, delagate busses there
    12:01PM PDT: Sector 7: Blockade on minnesota between 4th and 5th.
    12:00PM PDT: Sector 5: 7th and 6th unpermitted march swarming from several directions, joined by black block
    11:59AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pi Press reports 20 arrested at 6th and Wall in anti-war march
    11:59AM PDT: Sector 7: Peace march on Minnesota, heading to 4th and 5th
    11:58AM PDT: Sector 1: shots fired at black block and st peter one person down
    11:57AM PDT: TC IMC: small blockade being attacked by cops at cedar/7th
    11:56AM PDT: TC IMC: 5th and Minnesota, delagate busses there, Peace march on Minnesota, heading to 4th and 5th
    11:55AM PDT: TC IMC: RUBBER BULLETS FIRED AT 10TH/ST PETER BLACK BLOC. 1 PROTESTER DOWN. national guard also coming to scene reportedly with concussion grenades and smoke.
    11:55AM PDT: TC IMC: cops being sent to exchange/10th/st. peter intersection. 50 anarchists there. report of tear gas AND RUBBER BULLETS BEING DEPLOYED.
    11:54AM PDT: TC IMC: Cops escorting a bus fleeing west down Kellogg past broadway.
    11:52AM PDT: Sector 2: cops being sent to exchange and st. peter for 50 anarchists tear gas and rubber bullets being deployed
    11:51AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops have pinned black bloc on Exchange, have gas masks on 10th and St. Peter.
    11:50AM PDT: Sector 3: need water at shepard & randolph
    11:49AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 2 more street team members on 7th and Wabasha with cops closing in. 7 or 8+ more detained and 1 in car at 7th and Wall.
    11:48AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops on Sibley and 7th. Tasers are out on Shepard and Randolph. Black bloc make total destroy everywhere.
    11:47AM PDT: Sector 7: cops holding on jackson and 6, protestors moving southbound.
    11:44AM PDT: Sector 1 & 6 & 7: cops on Sibley and 7th in response to breaking of windows
    11:43AM PDT: Sector 5: 1 arrest at john ireland and kellogg, snatch squad
    11:41AM PDT: TC IMC: 7th and Wall blockade has been cleared. report of cops on sibley/7th in response to breaking of windows ** COLDSNAP STREET TEAM MEMBER ARRESTED BY SNATCH SQUAD **TAZERS DRAWN AT SHEPARD/RANDOLPH
    11:40AM PDT: TC IMC: report that delegate busses have detoured and are crossing the mississippi at wabasha street. ** police cut team has arrived at shepard/randolph blockade. walking delegates in to security zone at wabasha and kellog. cops arriving. NEED SUPPORT
    11:39AM PDT: Sector 1: 7th and wall is cleared
    11:37AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Arrest at 9th and Wacouta confirmed. Phones ringing off the hook, stuff happening all over town. Go team go!
    11:35AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 7th & Wabasha - legal observers being surrounded by police blockade.
    11:35AM PDT: Sector 1: 7th / wall arrested, pulled out of car and car being towed
    11:34AM PDT: Sector 3 & 4: Delegates being bused in on 7th and Chesmut
    11:33AM PDT: Sector 6: Reinforcements needed at kellogg and wabash- buses coming through
    11:30AM PDT: Sector 2: reinforcements needed at kellogg and wabash- buses coming through
    11:30AM PDT: Sector 1: 50 officers on bikes, etc, heading left on 94 in front of the armory
    11:29AM PDT: Sector 2: more busses coming over wabasha bridge
    11:29AM PDT: Sector 3: more busses coming over wabasha bridge
    11:28AM PDT: Sector 1: 8th / wall successful blockade, riot cops moving in to break it up
    11:27AM PDT: Sector 2: Pagans at Kellogg and Cedar attempting to engage with delegate buses
    11:27AM PDT: TC IMC: 20 pagans at kellogg/cedar stopping delegate busses. ** successful blockade at 8th and wall. cops moving in.
    11:25AM PDT: TC IMC: New 7th and wall hard blockade. on 94 offramp
    11:23AM PDT: TC IMC: Sherrif Bob Fletcher is personally on site at John Ireland and Kellog confronting black bloc
    11:23AM PDT: TC IMC: dance party at ceder and 6th splintering a little, cops running in weird directions away from group. black bloc attacked kellog and john ireland
    11:22AM PDT: TC IMC: Dispatch back up! call 651.503.5661 to report. use wisely
    11:21AM PDT: TC IMC: 5 arrested at 7th/wall - car barricade ** help needed at ireland kellogg blockade
    11:21AM PDT: IMC: Bash back is holding the line at kellogg and summit, despite being rammed by riot cops! ** cops surrounding vehicle at 7th/wall ** POLICE READYING GAS AT CEDAR/7TH at march
    11:20AM PDT: Sector 6: Breakaway march at wabasha and 6th not allowed to move anywhere but north
    11:19AM PDT: Sector 5: Black block moving with bash back, WINDOWS OF DELEGATE BUS SMASHED AT KELLOG
    11:18AM PDT: ector 3: delegate transportation route 35e to st clair to lexington to 94
    11:18AM PDT: Sector 4: delegate transportation route 35e to st clair to lexington to 94
    11:17AM PDT: Sector 1: New 7th and wall hard blockade. on 94 offramp
    11:16AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Kellogg and Summit, 1 person being detained, several police on scene, legal observers needed
    11:14AM PDT: Sector 5: black bloc being attacked, legal observers requested at kellogg and john ireland
    11:13AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Sheriff Bob Fletcher personally on site at Kellogg and John Ireland.
    11:13AM PDT: Sector 1: 94 and 7th still blocked, cops confirming wabasha bridge is cleared, cops coming from 12th and wabasha
    11:12AM PDT: Sector 5: Black bloc at St. Paul College parking lot near Kellogg and John Ireland, sherriff is personally on site
    11:11AM PDT: Sector 1 - 5 arrests @ 7th & Wall who were attached to a car- 1 person still in
    11:11AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 5 arrests @ 7th & Wall who were attached to a car- 1 person still in
    11:10AM PDT: Sector 1: Wall and 7th car barricade, car lockdown, 5 people arrested
    11:09AM PDT: Sector 5: Police bike cops on 11th and robert
    11:08AM PDT: Help needed at blockade at ireland and kellog
    11:02AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Horses ramming Bash Back! line on Kellogg and Summit. BB! is successfully holding the line, blocked a bus. We love y'all!
    11:00AM PDT: 20 anarchists detained at 6th/wall. police attempting to cut locks at 7th/wall blockade
    10:59AM PDT: Black bloc is headed away from capitol down john ireland w/ riot cops. *** reports medics have been gassed today. *** protesters have taken back the street at st. joseph and exchange - dancing like it's 1999!
    10:58AM PDT: Riot cop lines around "free speech zone". NEED MEDICS at wacouta and 8th/9th - national guard about to deploy gas
    10:55AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 6th and wall, 20 anarchists detained, bringing in investigation unit. Riot cops rushing in at Jackson and Minnesota, no LOs there now.
    10:55AM PDT: Report of fight with cops at 9th/wacouta and 1 officer down.
    10:54AM PDT: Successful lockdown on shepard rd!
    10:53AM PDT: Protestors blocking traffic at 9th/wacouta. police sent to 7th/wall; another likely blockade readying there.
    10:52AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 8 and 9th on wacouta, National Guard and riot police about to deploy gas. Journalists and medics have been pepper sprayed and gassed today.
    10:45AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Confirmed sighting of police preparing to use gas at 7th and Minnesota
    10:44AM PDT: Cops indiscriminately pepper spraying at 7th and Minnesota
    10:43AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 10th and Jackson is been succesfully blockaded, including cop buses! Also, cops regrouping on Wabasha and 7th.
    10:42AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pepper spray used at 7th and minnesota, cops calling for backup. Cops are going to use gas. More cops coming. LOs needed there now!
    10:42AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Black bloc march on Kellogg going toward Capitol, police staging on Rice & John Ireland.
    10:38AM PDT: 10th and Jackson street has been successfully blockaded by activists!
    10:37AM PDT: Corporate media reports that Monica Bicking, the released WC arrestee, was released with no charges filed. Sheriff Bob Fletcher attempted to interrogate her yesterday. Bicking remained silent.
    10:37AM PDT: Funk the war breakaway march is at 12th/I94 and wabasha area. cops trying to cork march away. needs support!
    10:36AM PDT: One more RNC Welcoming Committee arrest is confirmed. Total is 7; 6 in custody
    10:35AM PDT: Sector 1 permitted meetup point is wacouta commons. ~40 activists there, one van of cops
    10:33AM PDT: Report that robert street is lined with cops from 10th street to the river.
    10:32AM PDT: Busload of 50 national guard unloaded into security perimeter by st. paul cathedral - kellogg and john ireland area
    10:31AM PDT: Report of 3 people breaching security perimeter at chestnut.
    10:30AM PDT: Three arrests at smith and goodhue. thousands massing at capitol building. macalester student march proceeding down summit ave with heavy police presence. still swat teams massing at smith and grand on route to convergence center.
    10:28AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cops trying to kettle breakaway march past 12th and Wabasha
    10:28AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Undercovers and uniformed officers in bushes in park on downtown side of Smith St bridge. How cliched is that?
    10:21AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Funk the War breakaway march on I94 and wabasha - cops dispatched to 7th and Wabasha. Nat'l Guard gathering near Cathedral.
    10:20AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Pioneer Press reports Monica was released with no charges filed
    9:52AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 8 arrests 7th south of Grand, pepper spray used
    9:48AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 150 people on marshall near kellogg, st. paul confronted by police
    9:47AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 10 horse cops arrive at Smith and Grand. More cops arriving. Legal observers needed there now!
    9:47AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: 50 cops in 2 SWAT groups on Smith and Grand. Horses going south on Smith, SWAT teams going east on Grand - converging @ intersection
    9:46AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police blockade at Smith & Grand StP. 15 cop cars, 2 arrests so far
    9:10AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Van taken, 1 confirmed arrest. 6-7 plainclothes cops, MPD and Ramsey Cty marked cars.
    8:51AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Homeland Security SUVs & 1 car at 4th & Jackson St. Paul
    8:38AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Random searches at MLK Blvd & Market St. Legal observers wanted there.
    8:37AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Grand & Snelling, riot police gathering. Macalester Pres assured cops wouldn't be there; apparently false. Students prevented from marching.
    8:30AM PDT: TCIMC dispatch line is down for a few minutes. Getting it back up as soon as possible. Our team is first taking care of the initial round of press conference on Western Ave.
    4:14AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: No raid at Juliet St. Police destroyed, then impounded activist's car. No arrests were made.
    12:22AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: correction, police have not entered house - St. Paul Police, ATF, and FBI agents are at the address
    12:06AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Police raid at 1162 juliet, st. paul. Related to RNC welcoming committee
    10:53PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: "Quiet night, but a big day tomorrow! Keep it cool, keep it safe, and if the cops show up, keep your fucking mouth shut! We've got your back!"
    9:57PM PDT: For updates and to post news and requests from NOLA visit new orleans indymedia and
    9:55PM PDT: Twin Cities Indymedia stands in solidarity with the New Orleans region, about to be struck by Hurricane Gustav.
    9:55PM PDT: NOLA Common Ground has put out the first of many probable calls for help - they are seeking 2 way "walkie talkies" and other point-to-point radio gear, and a great deal of other equipment.
    9:54PM PDT: There will be a joint press conference regarding protests and actions surrounding the RNC at 10am Monday. Speaking will be the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, the RNC Welcoming Committee, Indymedia and others.
    8:21PM PDT: Citing Hurricane Gustav, the RNC will be in session from approximately 3pm to approximately 5pm on Monday. No evening session.
    8:18PM PDT: coldsnap legal: Convergence center staff asking folks to clear out for now to avoid Imperial entaglements.
    8:03PM PDT: No word yet on the Katrina survivors with the Poor People's march who were arrested in St. Paul.
    8:02PM PDT: Reports from anarchist aid workers and I-News collective members in New Orleans. Handicapped people on the top of the list have yet to be evacuated. Activists digging in to continue to help after government leaves.
    8:01PM PDT: National Lawyers Guild has filed for an emergency temporary restraining order to stop police from harassing reporters at RNC.
    7:45PM PDT: One of the Welcoming Committee members picked up by the illegal raids on Saturday morning has been released due to legal pressure.
    7:43PM PDT: We will be reposting breaking news from RNC Protests. Updates coming from Twin Cities IMC and ColdSnap Legal Support

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    ZEBRA 3 Report (my blog) has more articles on this

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    BREAKING: RNC 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"

    COPY & PASTED FROM on 9/3/@ 4:22pm

    In what appears to be the first use of criminal charges under the 2002 Minnesota version of the Federal Patriot Act, Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.

    Interview with Undercover Infiltrators at the March For Our Lives in St. Paul

    Without going into all of the supersecret ways that anarchists spot undercover cops in a crowd, these two men were pointed out as infiltrators by reliable sources and then interviewed on camera. The two split up once they realized they were "made" and then one just left the march all together.

    Interview conducted at the the March For Our Lives in St. Paul, September 2nd, 2008:

    9.3 Press Statement from the RNC Welcoming Committee

    The RNC Welcoming Committee wants to say thank you to all who have stood with us through these challenging days, to all who have faced the brutal attacks and repressive intimidation of the police, and have still gone back to the streets. Thanks to all who have made calls, sent emails, donated money, and expressed your outrage at these brutal attacks.

    Some Clarifications On the RNC, Anarchism & Protest From the Brother of WC Organizer Kidnapped by Police

    "Saturday morning my sister, Monica Bicking, and her boyfriend, Eryn Trimmer, were arrested in Minneapolis. Monica was released on Sunday, but Eryn and others are still in custody, and the police will try to keep them detained as long as possible."

    Police Terrorists Trained to Hate Protesters and Anarchists

    Did you know that anarchists killed several police officers during the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle?

    No, you don't know that, because it never happened. But this is the kind of thing that many rank-and-file police believe who have been trained to police summit protests, including the ongoing anti-RNC protests happening this week in St. Paul, Minnesota. There were riots and lots of police violence in Seattle in 1999, but nobody was killed during those protests. Yet, police officers doing anti-protest policing in many American cities have been told this lie about anarchists.

    Over 300 Protesters, Bystanders, Medics and Media Arrested: Update from Coldsnap Legal Collective

    Two days into the Republican National Convention (RNC),
    more than 300 people have been arrested, including at least 120 people
    for felonies -- mostly the notoriously vague charge, 'conspiracy to
    riot.' With no provocation, police have indiscriminately used rubber
    bullets, concussion grenades, and chemical irritants to disperse crowds
    and incapacitate protestors. Police appear to be specifically targeting
    videographers documenting these police abuses. In response, lawyers have
    filed a federal restraining order against such conduct.

    Copy of Affidavit Used in RNC-WC Raids

    Attached is a copy of the search warrant affidavit enabling the RNC Welcoming Committee raids. The affidavit was released to the press before it was released to the defendants' lawyers.

    Coverage from the Poor People's March and the Police Attack afterwards

    cop on the ledge

    videos by Nick (nickcooper at indymedia dot org)

    After the Poor People's March tonight in St. Paul, protesters stuck around too long for the police's patience. After firing all sorts of things at them, the protesters tried to leave and were sprayed from lines of cops on both sides of the street.



    cops dressing:



    The other major events unfolding now:
    * The under-pressure jail vigil supported by Coldsnap at the Ramsey County Jail (Grove & Lafayette)
    * The heavy riot police (bearing the misnamed 'non lethal' array of weapons including rubber bullets, gas canisters and concussion grenades) are guarding the Ripple Effect concert, Coldsnap estimates 120 riot police. There appear to be snipers on the MnDOT building - which is still less hazardous than trusting Carol Molnau to keep our bridges up. [the government's sniper body count is much lower than the MnDOT body count these days.]
    * Something is going on around Mears Park, Coldsnap reported @ 3:55 that 60-80 riot police at 8th & Wacouta Commons. Breaking @ 5 PM from one source: "a March for People's Lives is going to take place tonight from Mears Park to the Xcel. Already at least 500 protesters and just as many police. Riot, swat and bicycle."
    Due to the extreme coolness of our readers, our callout for an index of establishment activities for the remaining 2.5 days of the RNC has been answered quite rapidly. Anonymous writes:

    I'm working on collecting all of these calendars into one place (and will post again when I've got it done, hopefully soon!), but if people need them right now here are the best ones:
    private parties:[]=325,
    public events:[]=328,
    and a map of all:,
    and official convention events:

    And another writes:
    I have begun creating a centralized calendar of official/establishment events associated with/related to the RNC. It's available by going to this google calendar. I'm almost done with today's events and should have everything in by this evening. Enjoy crashing and covering the party! --From your friendly activist neighborhood librarian :) [TCIMC Dispatch: thanks!! Google tracks yr data, tho, etc.]

    More events for today:
    4:00 Prayer Service hosted by Governor Rick Perry and the Texas delegation
    When Tue, Sep 2, 4pm – 5pm
    Where Central Presbyterian Church, Saint Paul (map)
    Description A prayer service, hosted by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Texas delegation, will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at the Central Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul. The service will be led by Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. The Texas delegation has invited all other Gulf State delegations to participate.

    Official Evening Program - Service
    When Tue, Sep 2, 6pm – 7pm
    Where Xcel Energy Center (map)
    DescriptionJohn McCain’s commitment to his fellow Americans, a commitment forged in service to his country, is one of the defining hallmarks of his life. Tuesday’s events will highlight John McCain’s record of service and sacrifice and reflect his commitment to serving a cause greater than one’s own self-interest.

    African American Voter Reception
    When Tue, Sep 2, 7pm – 8pm
    Where Karma: 315 1st Ave, N. Minneapolis (map)

    Arab American Cultural Celebration
    When Tue, Sep 2, 9pm – 10pm
    Where Minneapolis Convention Center: 1301 2nd Ave, S. Minneapolis (map)

    Please join Phyllis Schlafly and the Republican Coalition for Life for a Life of the Party party.
    A cocktail buffet reception Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    The Crowne Plaza Hotel, 11 East Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Honoring The Honorable Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska

    Ohio Delegate Breakfast
    WhenWed, Sep 3, 8am – 9am
    WhereRadisson Plaza in Minneapolis (map)

    Massachusetts Delegate Breakfast
    WhenWed, Sep 3, 9am – 10am
    WhereCrowne Plaza Bloomington (map)

    IAVA (Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America) Event
    WhenWed, Sep 3, 12pm – 1pm
    WhereMore details to come (map)
    DescriptionIAVA will be organizing a care package assembly event on Wednesday afternoon and delegates will be participating. *NOTE: The event time is still TBD, but is tentatively scheduled for 12 pm – 3 pm on Wednesday Afternoon.

    New York Delegate Lunch
    WhenWed, Sep 3, 2pm – 3pm
    WhereMarriott City Center (map)

    Comms returns to full power as reported by Anonymous. Way to go! w0w all around.
    Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 09/02/2008 - 15:40.
    Tin Can is back up and running!
    The number is the same 1-651-314-7836. Now the only functioning info group is RNC08 if you want that text Follow RNC08 and send it to 40404

    Two more days to go - TC-IMC

    Twin Cities Indymedia @ The Republican National Convention in St. Paul - Sept. 1-4, 2008

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    Caught on tape: Police using flash-bang grenades and tear gas on protestors

    Caught on tape: Police using flash-bang grenades and tear gas on protestors


    Photo gallery of protesters clashing with police
    At least three people were arrested during a tense march against poverty that ended near the Republican convention arena. Police used tear

    Kare11 News Links


    Nearly 300 protestors arrested in GOP convention protests


    Violence breaks out near RNC as protestors clash with police


    Police use pepper spray and tear gas to disperse protestors


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    Portland IMC Webradio Coverage of RNC Protests Resumes! Tune In Now!

    We will be covering RNC Protests, jail solidarity, New Orleans, post event raids, discussing the reasons for the protests, etc

    Sorry about the technical difficulties 02.Sep.2008 16:09


    We'll be back on soonish

    RADIO BACK UP YAY!!! TUNE IN! 02.Sep.2008 19:14


    Contact 02.Sep.2008 20:01


    AIM: Portlandimcradio
    503 715 0994

    Police Use Brute Force - Not The Law

    VIDEO: Police Raid

    and Detainment

    of I-Witness Journalists

    in Minnesota

    author: anonymous
    Sep 01, 2008 07:26

    Repeated attacks on the civil liberties of independent press and activists before and during the election process emerge as a pattern during the days leading up to the Republican National Convention. The FBI and Minneapolis police continue attacks on independent journalists in the days leading up to the Republican National Convention, obstructing coverage of important concurrent events. On Saturday morning an FBI officer and a chief deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s dept. along with approximately 30 St. Paul police officers bearing firearms, tasers, pepper spray and at least one AR-15 surrounded a house where members of I-Witness Video Collective and journalist Elizabeth Press from Democracy Now were meeting. National Lawyer’s Guild Legal Observer Sarah Coffey was detained in handcuffs outside the building while acting as a liaison with the police.

    Direct Link to Video Source

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (August 30, 2008) – Occupants of the building did not consent to a search and were forced to lock themselves in the building. At approximately 3:00 p.m. (CDT) police officers tried to serve a warrant that had the wrong address. After being denied entry they stormed the building through the attic by gaining access to an adjacent property. The warrant covered all of journalistic equipment including privileged notes, computers, cameras, video tapes and communication devices. People inside were forcefully detained, photographed and police made a record of their names and addresses. After a 45 minute search the police released all detainees and left without seizing any of the equipment. Five other members of I-Witness video who were not present at the house were also simultaneously detained. Three of them detained as they were riding their bicycles a mile away from the scene of the search and the other two as they were driving in a car. The three-hour detainment stopped the media group from documenting three other raids happening simultaneously against activist groups in Minneapolis and St Paul.

    This follows an incident from earlier this week when three members of Glass Bead Collective were illegally detained and had their equipment and notes confiscated by the Minneapolis police.

    I-Witness Video is an independent media group using video to protect civil liberties. During the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC, video evidence provided by I-Witness Video exonerated 400 arrestees by exposing lies stated by the NYPD in sworn legal affidavits

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    I'm outraged ....

    by St. Paul law enforcement's overly aggressive and violent tactics to stifle independent journalism.

    Yesterday, police in St. Paul arrested several journalists, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and an AP photographer as they were covering protests of the Republican National Convention. Get involved in this campaign by demanding that press intimidation cease immediately, and that all charges be dropped.

    Take action at:

    Free Press

    Police in St. Paul arrested several journalists yesterday, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and an AP photographer as they were covering protests of the Republican National Convention. And earlier this weekend, police raided a meeting of the video journalists' group I-Witness with firearms drawn to arrest independent media, bloggers and videomakers.

    Fill out the form below to demand that press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges be dropped. Your message will be delivered to:

    • St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman
    • Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner
    • St. Paul City Attorney John Choi
    • Host Committee of the Republican National Convention

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    Watch This Video Link Here

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    AT THE RNC <video>
    Click this link below for update from Amy about being in Jail

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    Portland Street Medics arrested at RNC

    Update from the streets, first aid stations and clinics at the protests
    Minneapolis-St. Paul RNC

    A number of Street Medics from Portland were arrested on Monday afternoon (Sep 1st) while tending to injured protesters. All of them belong to one affinity group which has been participating in the actions as a unit of Street Medics acting together.

    About half were released by evening, while a few individuals among them are still being held. They have been singled out for "special procedures". Legal support and lawyers are trying to help out with their case as it seems to be a unique situation wherein the Street Medics might be charged with unusual (and outrageous) offenses.

    If you have any funds to help with bail money and related expenses for the Street Medics, please email us at this address:

    Everything you give will go toward enabling us to continue doing much needed Movement work and providing essential community service.

    Denver DNC

    Street Medics from Portland constituted about one third of the total numbers of Street Medics at Denver during the week of activities there. Added to Street Medics from Olympia and Seattle, WA, our Medics from the NW constituted about one half of all the Street Medics in Denver. At the end of the week some of us continued on to Minneapolis-St. Paul while others returned to Portland.

    During the week of protests in Denver we treated hundreds of injured people and took into our care an unexpected number of activists with additional health concerns, both related and unrelated to the events, plus tended to people with various illnesses as well as some difficult cases with chronic conditions.

    We treated injuries from pepper bullets, pepperspray, beatings, strangleholds, clubbing, cuts, scrapes, bruises, handcuff injuries, exhaustion, dehydration, heat illness, exposure to the elements, asthma attacks, psychological emergencies, and some serious medical emergencies.

    None of us were hurt or arrested, though most of us experienced the direct threat of both, frequently. A few of us sustained minor injuries from pepperspray, pulled muscles, sprains, and suffered exhaustion. Some of our Street Medics were temporarily detained by Police during raids and events on the streets but all in all most of those tense situations were resolved well.

    We will issue another communique when we have more information to share with you.

    Many thanks for your love and support for our work, and also for your letters and phonecalls with concern and care - it's your support that enables us to continue.

    Portland Street Medics

    homepage: homepage:


    Copied from Portland Indy Media

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    Police use

    pepper spray and tear gas to

    disperse protestors

    9/2/08 2pm report

    ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Protesters attacked delegates, smashed windows, punctured car tires and threw bottles Monday, a violent counterpoint to an otherwise peaceful anti-war march at the Republican National Convention.

    Police wielding pepper spray arrested at least 283 people, of which 129 were felonies, 51 gross misdemeanors and 103 misdemeanor arrests.

    The trouble happened not far from the Xcel Energy Center convention site, and many of those involved in the more violent protest were clad in black and identified themselves to reporters as anarchists. They wrought havoc by damaging property and setting at least one fire. Most of the trouble was in pockets of a neighborhood near downtown, several blocks from where the convention was taking place.

    But the main antiwar march was peaceful, police said, estimating about 10,000 people participated. Late Monday afternoon, long after the antiwar marchers had dispersed, police requested and got 150 Minnesota National Guard soldiers to help control splinter groups near downtown.

    Five people were arrested for lighting a trash bin on fire and pushing it into a police car, St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said. Authorities didn't have immediate details on the other arrests.

    At least four journalists were among those detained, including Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke and Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, a nationally syndicated public radio and TV news program. Goodman was intervening on behalf of two producers for her program, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, when she was arrested, said Mike Burke, another producer.

    Walsh said he had no immediate information on the four.

    The antiwar march was organized by a group called the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, whose leaders said they hoped for a peaceful, family-friendly event. But police were on high alert after months of preparations by a self-described anarchist group called the RNC Welcoming Committee, which wasn't among the organizers of the march.

    "Unfortunately today, a very small handful of individuals decided to break the law, damage property, and put people's safety at risk," Mayor Chris Coleman said.

    About 180 protesters who weren't part of the march caused trouble, St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington said.

    Protesters, many who were dressed all in black and covered their faces with bandanas or gas masks, broke windows, tipped over newspaper boxes, pulled trash bins into the street, threw bottles, bent rearview mirrors on a bus, flattened tires, and attempted to block intersections by joining hands.

    Some protesters were seen lying on an interstate exit ramp to block traffic in downtown St. Paul and linking arms to block other roads.

    At one point, people pushed a trash bin filled with trash and threw garbage in the streets and at cars. They also took down orange detour road signs. One of them used a screwdriver to puncture the back tire of a limousine waiting at an intersection and threw a wooden board at the vehicle, denting its side. Another hurled a glass bottle at a charter bus that had stopped at an intersection. The bottle smashed into pieces but didn't appear to damage the bus.

    After the official march ended, police spent hours dispersing smaller groups of protesters, employing officers on horses, smoke bombs and pepper spray.

    Protesters put eye drops in each other's eyes after police used chemical irritants such as pepper spray and tear gas. Some wore bandanas and masks to protect themselves.

    Terry Butts, a former Alabama Supreme Court justice who is a convention delegate, was on a bus taking delegates to the arena when a brick through the window sprayed glass on him and two others. Butts said he wasn't hurt.

    "It just left us a little shaken," he said. "It was sort of a frightening moment because it could have been a bomb or a Molotov cocktail."

    Organizers of the antiwar march had hoped 50,000 people would turn out for the march. One of the largest rallies in the Twin Cities in recent history was a 2006 immigration rights protest in Minneapolis that drew about 35,000.


    More police raids on Saturday morning - same warrants used as last night

    UPDATE 9:15 AM: From the WC: Three house raids occurring: 2301 23rd Ave. S., 3500 Harriet Avenue, 3240 17th Ave. S. Lawyers and legal observers at each scene.

    UPDATE 8:52 AM: 3500 Harriet Avenue MPLS has just been raided by police according to a reliable source.

    We are receiving credible reports (just confirmed again) that a house helping with food (Food Not Bombs) has been raided by the police, and possibly another house as well. NLG attorneys are on the way to these houses, and we have heard that the police are using the same search warrants as they did last night.

    There will be a press conference @ Harriet Island at 10 A.M. by the flagpole. We have received a report that anti-police brutality activists had their garage broken into:

    Last night, CUAPB president Michelle Gross and CUABP vice president Darryl Robinson were among many people detained during the convergence space raid. Upon returning home after the raid, they found their garage and Darryl's car had been broken into. Nothing of value was taken but boxes of documents were clearly opened and gone through and many items were moved around. The activists believe strongly this invasion of their privacy is a direct result of their work and that it was probable that it occurred while they were at the convergence space.

    Despite this action and their detention at the convergence space, both activists remain committed to continuing their work through Communities United Against Police Brutality, including copwatch at events throughout the RNC.

    We have also heard that the convergence space raid was carried out by the Ramsey County Sheriff's office, not the St. Paul police, and local City Council member Dave Thune was on the scene. Reportedly Thune said that the county had no authority to try to shut down the convergence center on the basis of a fire code violation.

    Fresh video from the streets: Submedia Video has put together a new video - 7 minutes:

    Looks like another tough day coming up. Everyone needs to stick together & work through this, one hour at a time.

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    z3 readers <copied from my - Z3 blog>

    have you noticed that protesting and recording is becoming illegal?

     Video Activist arrested at the RNC


    Amy Goodman

    Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:13 AM PDT
    RNC - Indy Media Link = real news from st paul
    Mood:  irritated
    Now Playing: here is the best source for real news from the RNC (sic)
    Topic: PROTEST!








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    4,000 Protesters Try to Break Down RNC Fence After Rage Against the Machine Concert
    Rage Against the Machine plays impromptu concert outside Capitol
    Clouds of tear gas surround crowds of protesters, media and police in riot gear on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008. Protesters marched toward the Republican National Convention After a Rage Against the Machine appearance at the State Capitol.

    RNC Protests

    Related Items



    ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A group of about 4,000 protesters are trying to break down the security fences at 5th and 7th, near the northwest entrance to the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

    Raw Video: Protesters rally around impromptu ‘Rage’ concert

    Video: Canceled ‘Rage’ Concert Angers Protesters

    The protesters marched toward the RNC from the State Capitol after an impromptu Rage Against the Machine concert.

    Arrests stats

    At least 10 people were arrested Tuesday. Added to the 284 arrests Monday, the number of RNC protest arrests is nearing 300.

    Homemade bombs explode

    Near Mickey's Diner, protesters exploded three homemade bombs near police. officers responded with tear gas and smoke bombs.

    Rage concert through megaphone

    St. Paul police shut down the concert, which didn't stop band members Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello from shouting lyrics to songs like “Bulls on Parade” through a megaphone.

    Raw Cell Phone Video: Protest outside RNC security perimeter

    Rage Against The Machine played a free show on the State Capitol lawn as part of the Ripple Effect music festival.

    Rumor circulated Tuesday night that a member of Rage Against the Machine was arrested, but police told FOX 9 they had no confirmed arrest of a band member.

    Protester scales fence along perimeter

    Around 7:50 p.m. police reported a protester had climbed over the fenced perimeter around the Xcel Energy Center.

    Protests began Tuesday with about 2,000 in the Poor People’s march in St. Paul, blocks from the Republican National Convention.

    Protesting an arrest

    Police tried to arrest the first protester before a surge of others moved in, protesting the arrest.

    Police were concerned because about 30 anarchists latched onto the march, organized by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

    Raw Video: Cops, Protester Clash Near Mears Park

    'Don't take over our parade'

    “Don’t take over our parade,” an organizer told anarchists. “We have a point here about poor people in America."

    The original plan

    The rally started at Mears Park, about nine blocks away from the RNC, before a planned march to the Xcel Energy Center where they planned to serve Republicans with a "citizens' arrest."

    Hospital on lockdown

    St. Joseph's Hospital was placed on lockdown from about 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. due to a large protester presence.

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